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Why Berkman Agreed to the Yanks Trade

By Mike Silva ~ July 31st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees, Rumor Mill.

Hearing a couple of things about why Lance Berkman agreed to the Yankees trade.

- Andy Pettitte is a good friend and helped convince him to waive the 10 and 5 to come to New York. Remember, Berkman turned down a trade to the White Sox earlier in the process.

- There are rumblings that Berkman and the Astros intend to discuss a return after the season. If you think about it that is the only reason why Berkman would demand a club turn down his $15 million dollar option in a depressed economic market. Remember my quote about how Berkman is “comfortable and has his money.” That is not the type of player I want on a team looking to win a title.

All reports indicate this is a done deal so clearly Berkman believes he will be back in Houston after the season. The Yankees better hope Mark Melancon doesn’t realize his potential or they gave away a future cog in the bullpen for excess on offense.

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11 Responses to Why Berkman Agreed to the Yanks Trade

  1. Viper

    So you bitch when the Yanks trade away a prospect (Jackson and Melancon) and you bitch when they don’t want to give up a prospect in just any deal (Montero).

    Which is it, Silva? Can’t have it both ways.

  2. Pinstripes7

    The Yanks have a lot of arms down on the farm. Melancon is supposedly a tough minded kid, but he hasn’t shown it in the bigs yet. All of that being said, I still wouldn’t have made the deal. One thing the Yanks don’t need is another aging designated hitter.

  3. Mike Silva

    I judge each deal on an individual basis. I am all for trading prospects, but for the right player. Haren, Lee, and Soria are exceptions.

    Prospects are not an ideology they are tools

  4. Viper

    Haren would have blocked either Lee or Pettitte in the offseason. I would imagine the Yanks prefer Lee and Pettitte.

    Soria was never coming here. No chance. The Royals have no reason to trade him unless they were completely blown away.

    All for a guy who would never start and would be Mo’s caddy.

    You throw out way too many fantasy trades like this is some kind of video game and not enough realistic trade targets.

  5. Mike Silva

    We talked about Cliff Lee- nearly happened. You said that was not going to happen. It did if not for Jack Z’s reindeer games.

    We talked about Soria – could have happened if not for KC asking for multiple prospects. If you are comfortable with Joba, so be it, but don’t come here complaining when he ruins the season after Texas, Chicago, or Tampa lights him up in a big game. Personally I would have found a way to get Soria here.

    I don’t think my trades are “fantasy” they just involve reality and not the popular internet talking points.

  6. Marvin Ferguson

    Lance Berkman is an awesome trade to the Yankees. After watching him at bat for the Astros in the series that just ended with the Chicago Cubs, the Yankees, for sure, will be a better team. I wish the Cubs could get Berkman.

  7. dan l

    There is a decent chance that Berkman can regain type B status and garner the Yankees a sandwich pick.

  8. Viper

    The Yanks will have their “lockdown EIG” when Hughes goes to the pen in the postseason because of his innings cap.


    You’d make a lot smarter points if you weren’t so obsessed with taking shots at Joba every time you write about the Yanks.

  9. Mike Silva

    Until I see a healthy Pettitte and consistent Burnett I have to believe Hughes is up for a start. The Yankees are going to need 4 starters in the playoffs (they got lucky with 3 so far).

    This isn’t about Joba, but moreso having other options.

  10. Viper

    Pettitte will be back in the next couple of weeks. It was a groin strain and a mild one at that. They are taking their time with him as well they should.

    Burnett is Burnett. Could be unhittable one day and implode the next. He’s going to be in the postseason rotation. Period. He’s not a bullpen piece.

    It will be Hughes. So you can stop with your nonstop 8th inning crap.

    Robertson has done a good job for two months. Logan has stepped up since his return.

    Aceves may be back and that would help too. Wood is a lightning in a bottle guy but he still throws hard.

    This team has had the best record in MLB for two months now and has done so with the bullpen not pitching up to par.

    Now that the pieces are starting to materialize and do the job, this team is only getting stronger and deeper.

    It must suck to be a Mets fan.

  11. Mike Silva

    Nothing to do with being a Mets fan

    I look at this team in short series, the playoffs is a forgone conclusion and the pen is what worries me in October. But all your points are valid. Cashman did a nice job getting Wood. If healthy he is better than Joba or Robertson. Maybe Hughes who will be transitioning roles.

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