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Dickey Says Mets Fail to Show Up on Road

By Mike Silva ~ July 31st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

The Mets have been a Jekyl and Hyde team this season. Playing .640 ball at home and .377 on the road. It almost appears to be two different teams out there and after listening to R.A. Dickey with Steve Phillips and Marc Malusis yesterday they very well may be. Here are some quotes from Dickey after Phillips asked him to explain the reasoning behind why the Mets are so lousy on the road:

“It’s a mentality issue” and went on to say the team is believing the talk about how poor they are on the road and “it’s becoming their identity.” In order to change this Dickey suggested the team “needs consistency, bringing what you have to offer every game, and if every player on the team adopted that mentality it would change the culture on the road,” adding they “fail to show up on the road.”

Obviously these are strong words and I believe Dickey was just being honest. It’s clear that some on the team, like Dickey, are doing what it takes to maximize their contributions to the roster – home or on the road. Others aren’t so inclined and perhaps are literally taking the term road trip to heart. Dickey also talked about being aggressive. I think this teams lacks aggression on the bases, both home and road, a majority of the time. It seems to take the Mets multiple hits to score a run, even with a roster with decent speed.

This clearly is another indictment on the manager. I think Manuel has gone a little too far with the “Uncle Jerry” act and hasn’t held this teams feet to the fire. Of course, ownership is equally culpable since players like Oliver Perez are given tons of leeway due to their contract. It sends the message that those who make money don’t have to worry about accountability for performance.

Do you need any more examples about what is wrong with this team? This exactly the type of thing that won’t happen with a Wally Backman in charge. If the Mets fail to make the playoffs – and continued losing on the road will insure that – the first change should be with the manager, not the players on the roster.

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  1. kranepool

    you summed it up Mike there is no need to try to find out what’s wrong with the Mets you said it players who make big money will play no matter how bad they are. Perez should have been bought out as should have Luis Castillo and Francoeur should be DFA. The guys in the clubhouse see that I’m sure Dickey, Parnell, Valdes and the other Bison Alum look at Ollie Perez and wonder what does Pat Misch have to do to get a promotion? Same with Chris Carter, they works his ass off and when he plays he hits but an automatic out like Francoeur gets to play and now everyday that Bay is DL’ed

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