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Lance Berkman Facts

By Mike Silva ~ July 30th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Thought I would pass along Bill Chuck’s “9 to know” regarding Lance Berkman from Billy-Ball. Some interesting facts – good and bad – about the new Yankees DH/OF. Oh, and his idol was Mickey Mantle!

With the Yanks having to wait 24 hours to announce the official acquisition of Lance Berkman, here are nine stats regarding the Big Puma’s numbers this season.

  1. Berkman came into this season with a lifetime .299 batting average. He’s hitting .245 this season and is down to .296 lifetime.
  2. Berkman has had 20+ homers for the last 10 seasons; he has 13 this year.
  3. His 19.6% strikeout percentage is the highest since he became a full-time major leaguer.
  4. From the left side of the plate, Berkman is hitting .188. Even Curtis Granderson is hitting .214 against lefties.
  5. Away from Minute Maid Park this season, Berkman is hitting .194
  6. Since the break, Berkman is hitting .179/1/6.
  7. Berkman is hitting .272 with runners in scoring position; .229 RISP/w 2 outs.
  8. Berkman has grounded in 12 double plays in 80 opportunities (15%).
  9. Berkman will have much more protection in the Yankee lineup: Astros hitting .240 with 69 homers. Yankees hitting .273 with 120 homers.

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4 Responses to Lance Berkman Facts

  1. Kill.schill(ing)


    Let me commend you for yet another example of wholly objective and measured commentary on the yankees.

    No editorial on the Mets trade dealine acquistions? Didn’t Omar exhibit exemplary shrewdness?

    Any truth to the rumor NYBD is going to hire Steve Phillips as a contributor?

    LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!?

  2. Mike Silva

    Kill Schill

    Yes, I did write about the Mets deadline – objectively – and believe they are doing the right thing by not selling the farm. The Berkman move is ok, I just don’t think that it’s as good as everyone thinks. Not going to hurt the Yanks in any way.

    The problem is that many come here looking for pom pom’s and that is not what we do – for either side.

    And I would love to have Steve Phillips as a contributor. I think he does a great job on the radio, regardless of whether you agree with how he values prospects.

  3. kill.schill(ing)

    I’m afraid I made the mistake of rather too oblique irony in my last post.

    So permit to belabor the obvious.

    The classic petty and envious resentment of the Metropolitan fan your post exhibits in its selective interpretation of the stats is so transparent that it almost reads as a NoMaasian satire of something Steve Philips might write, that is, if he actually were literate enough to compose a sentence.

    I do eagerly await your eulogy on the Mets however.

    Perhaps out there in Long Island you couldn’t detect the distinct reek of rotting flesh emanating from the Flushing sewers last night. P.U.

    Unfortunately, here in Manhattan, the stench permeating the air was unavoidable. Perhaps the Coupons couldn’t find anymore sufficient pocket change amid the millions Bernie left them to afford garbage disposal.

  4. L. Vilo

    Lance Berman sucks!!! He is a has been that is why the Astros are letting go of all the old timers!

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