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Francoeur, Castillo, and Perez Addition By Subtraction

By Mike Silva ~ July 25th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Jon Heyman reported of a rumor where the Mets and Royals are talking about swapping a number of disappointing players/bad contracts. Just a few minutes ago he “tweeted” the following:

SI_JonHeyman trade of well-paid players between mets, royals makes sense. francoeur, guillen, ollie, meche, castillo in the talks

He went on to say “Francoeur, Ollie “on block,” says source. kc trade “might happen,” says another.”

If the Mets could pull off a Francoeur, Oliver Perez, and Luis Castillo for Gil Meche and Jose Guillen trade I think the deadline was a success. No, this isn’t going to bring them a pennant, but it removes three players that clearly are going to have a tough time when the team returns to Citi Field. The Mets struggles, although not all the trios fault, are symbolized by their presence on the roster. The fans will be sure to let them know how they feel and that isn’t good for anyone involved.

Does this type of deal work? Here are the salaries owed this year into next (estimates of course using Cot’s Contracts)

Francoeur: $2.1 million

Perez: $17.1 million

Castillo: $8.6

Meche: $16.3 million

Guillen: $5.1 million

I am going a bit on the high side with my estimates but overall the Mets would be sending $28 million in salary to KC and receiving $21 million so the team would have to eat some portion of the money. Kansas City offered Meche for Perez already, which makes sense since their salaries are about even. It’s Castillo’s contract that turns the table in the deal. Perhaps the Mets could take Kyle Farnsworth in the deal (5.25 million plus 500k buyout) to balance the scales. Talent wise I think the Mets get the better of the deal. Farnsworth has some value out of the pen, Guillen is a live RH bat, and I have always thought Meche, if healthy, would benefit from a move to the National League.

Bottom line: sending this trio away before the home stand begins on Tuesday is necessary to clean up what promises to be a nasty atmosphere at Citi Field.

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2 Responses to Francoeur, Castillo, and Perez Addition By Subtraction

  1. tnt1528

    throw in beltran instead of francoeur and ill pay for the taxi to the airport,,, ill even trade ollie perez for kei igawa

  2. Slater

    Holy Christ, get over the Beltran hatred.

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