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Who Will Be the Next Steinbrenner?

By Mike Silva ~ July 16th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

As we look towards the future the question that I have is will there be another George Steinbrenner? There is no indication his sons will behave like the father in running the operation.  If there is another Steinbrenner in the making do any of the remaining local owners have what it takes? Who of Jeff Wilpon, Charles Wang, Woody Johnson, Tisch/Mara, Jim Dolan, and Mikhail Prokhorov could it be?

You would have to say the football Giants are the class owners in the tri state area next to Steinbrenner. They run their organization with the same commitment to excellence sans the impetuous nature of the early Boss. Jeff Wilpon meddles like Steinbrenner, but doesn’t have the stomach to go against the grain. Woody Johnson seems to have a little bit of Wilpon in him as well. The Jets will always be the little brother to the Giants anyway. Charles Wang? Next. That leaves the two NBA owners: Jim Dolan and Mikhail Prokhorov.

Prokhorov started very “Steinbrenneresque” with his media tour and subsequent dismissal of Kiki Vandeweghe on the air. He is a brash talker, but doesn’t have the real estate to back up the strong words (don’t get me started on Brooklyn basketball). The Nets during this summer’s free agency were like the little brother elbowing at the family table only to be sent to the kiddy one. I am still laughing at the billboard in NYC with Jay Z scowling. Success in sports is a little different than the street corner and a mean scowl won’t get it done. What a joke. That leaves me to who I think can eventually replace George: Jim Dolan.

He has the cash, real estate, and team to make it happen. I continue to reiterate the Knicks can rise to the level of attention the Yankees receive in this town. Yes, Dolan has made mistakes, but the NBA is not MLB and the Knicks have been bad because of cap mismanagement. With the level headed Donnie Walsh in charge they should be able to responsibly flex their financial power over the next five years. Maybe Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh didn’t want Manhattan, but there are plenty of players (Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul) that do. I can see Dolan behaving like George Steinbrenner with a good team. He doesn’t have the media savvy of George, but perhaps some winning and positive press will change that.

It will be a long while before we see another George Steinbrenner, if ever. Perhaps the best chance we will have in this city will come when the Knicks under Jim Dolan rise from the ashes.

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2 Responses to Who Will Be the Next Steinbrenner?

  1. Stu B

    I don’t know if any of the folks you mentioned has the testicular construction (if you will) of George Steinbrenner…

  2. Stu B

    “when the Knicks under Jim Dolan rise from the ashes.”

    And unfortunately, the operative word here is IF, not WHEN…

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