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Mets Not Willing to Meet Houston’s Price for Oswalt

By Mike Silva ~ July 14th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Rumor Mill.

We have been trying to dig over at NYBD the last few days to find out exactly what the Mets will do for starting pitching now that Cliff Lee is out of the picture. Names like Dan Haren, Ted Lilly, and Roy Oswalt aren’t news – many have discussed them over the last few months – but the early parameters of such a deal are starting to be discussed throughout the industry.

Our good friend and contributor, Joe Demayo, tweeted some information from a National League source that stated Houston would be looking for a package of Fernando Martinez, Ruben Tejada, and Jenrry Mejia for Oswalt with the Mets picking up the remainder of the contract. By all accounts this is not the type of deal Omar Minaya and company would be willing to do.

What would they do? Ted Lilly talks continue to heat up. Cross checkers for the Cubs were down in Port St. Lucie looking at Robert Carson, Kyle Allen, and Jeurys Familia. There will be other Cubs scouts viewing the Mets organization over the next week or so. The price for Lilly still seems to be very unclear.

My thoughts are the Mets should at least consider the aforementioned package for Oswalt. Fernando Martinez has not proven he is anything more than a replacement fourth outfielder. I like Ruben Tejada but he appears to be a backup and I have been on record as saying I am willing to give up one, but not both, of Flores/Mejia in a deal for a top pitcher. Unlike Lee, Oswalt is actually signed to a contract next season.

Ted Lilly is a nice consolation prize, but still no better than a #3 starter. Oswalt could very well be a difference maker.

Sounds like the Mets don’t agree with my line of thinking and it’s more likely that Lilly, not Oswalt, will don orange and blue during the second half. Of course, if there is any truth to the rumors about the Mets financial troubles the possibility that Oliver Perez regains his spot in the rotation increases immensely.

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2 Responses to Mets Not Willing to Meet Houston’s Price for Oswalt

  1. Paul

    According to several articles recently in the N.Y. Post and Wall Street Journal… the Wilpons are DEEP in debt and near bankruptcy. So don’t look for them to pick up anymore salary this year. (That includes Ted Lilly’s salary.)
    Word within the organization is they’ll give Ollie Perez and John Maine another look, since the Mets are paying them anyway.
    Sad but true.

  2. 86mets

    I would consider that deal ONLY if Houston pays a substantial portion of Oswalts 2011 salary (say 1/3 or so). OR, somehow con the Astros into taking Oliver Perez! :) (That ain’t happening). Seriously though, Houston has to pay some of that salary to get back better prospects.

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