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The Javier Vazquez Market

By Mike Silva ~ July 9th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Rumor Mill.

The Miami Heat might not be the only organization trying to build a “super team.” Now that it appears Cliff Lee is close to spending the rest of the season in pinstripes the Yankees have six starters for five slots. The odd man out is likely Javier Vazquez who has been a disappointment since the very beginning of the season. Buster Olney of ESPN brings up the possibility that Vazquez would be of interest to the Phillies, who are desperate for starting pitching, and might be willing to give up Jayson Werth in the process.

Of course this is Olney making educated guesses from what has been reported. We have said at NYBD the Yankees have interest in signing Werth this offseason, but I never thought he would become available before the deadline. The struggles of the Phillies, great play of prospect Domonic Brown, and Werth’s pending free agency have increased the chances he will be dealt before the deadline. Right now the Yankees are set in the outfield with Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, and Jayson Werth, but probably not going to get Nick Johnson back this year. That gives them room for another bat and Werth makes a ton of sense. Move Nick Swisher to the DH spot and give right field to Werth who is a superior defensive player. If the Mets can juggle four outfielders why can’ t the Yankees?

A Vazquez for Werth trade would save the Yankees a little over six million dollars in salary as well. The irony of such a deal is the Phillies traded Lee this offseason because they knew they couldn’t sign him to a long term contract along with Roy Halladay. Vazquez is making $3 million more than Lee, so the Phils would essentially be replacing Lee’s arm with someone who is solid, but not in the same class, for roughly the same type of money. Olney says San Diego is a possibility as well, but I could see that more of a prospect type deal.

The wild card team would be the Mets. They need a starting pitcher and the Mariners, possibly knowing they could get the package they want from the Yankees, asked for Flores, Thole, Mejia, and a big leaguer like Pagan. Could the cross-town rivals work together on a package for Vazquez? Would the Yankees be interested in Fernando Martinez? The Mets need a starting pitcher and the Yankees could use positional depth. Martinez, although disappointing, would net a top prospect in return and give the Yankees insurance for their outfield.

Of course, the Yankees could just hold on to Vazquez and decide to put either him or Phil Hughes in the bullpen. I can’t see Vazquez performing any worse than the current bridge to Rivera. The Cliff Lee deal has started a bunch of dominoes and changed the trade market.

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2 Responses to The Javier Vazquez Market

  1. Shamik

    What’s the point of giving up F-Mart for Vasquez if the Yanks get Lee? Its not like the Mets are going to be able to beat the Yanks and watching the Yanks minor league system competently develop F-Mart would be awful.

  2. hogna

    Vasquez is terrible out of the stretch. Not the best pen option.

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