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From Voting to Managers All Star Game a Joke

By Mike Silva ~ July 5th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

I am not a fan of All Star Game’s so this view is one of bias. Starting with allowing the fans to vote for their favorite, I mean the best, players via a ballot. This has been an age old problem in MLB as commissioner Ford Frick had to strip the fans of their voting privileges after the Reds won 7 of 8 starting positions in 1957. It was 12 years until the fans would vote again. I can’t complain about the final vote now that David Wright outlasted Placido Polanco in the final days to take the starting third base job for the National League.

The real disgraces are the managers. Both Joe Girardi and Charlie Manuel made selections that would have been flagged for a nepotism violation in the real world. First Manuel, who selected Ryan Howard over Joey Votto, and basically admitted it was based on favoritism and not performance. Votto is only putting up numbers better than Albert Pujols, yet he will have to rely on the fans to vote him with the final roster spot.

I am not surprised by Manuel’s act, this is the kind of behavior I expect from a team and city with a second class mentality, but Joe Girardi taking Alex Rodriguez is another joke. I could see if there were so many great third baseman that Rodriguez was deserving of a spot, however he might be fourth or fifth on the AL performance depth chart. Meanwhile, Kevin Youkilis is having a far superior season in Boston and was overlooked. There are worse selections in the history of the game, but I believe Girardi would be above such blatant favoritism. Of course, Joe Torre was known to stuff the roster with his players when he managed so this shouldn’t be a surprise. By the way, Andy Pettitte is probably on the way shortly as well.

That brings me to my final joke: home field advantage. Leave it to a used car salesman like Bud Selig to complicate home field advantage for the World Series. Work hard, win the most games in baseball, and you probably will play Game 7 in your building, right? Wrong, not if your league throws up a stinker in the middle of July. Remember, “this one counts.” Embarrassing.

There are always going to be snubs and debate over the All Star roster in any sport. The issue I have is blatant disregard to common sense, sportsmanship, and fair play. Forget the home field advantage debate and focus on the fact that building these rosters is not rocket science. Of course, that assumes politics are not part of the equation. We now know in the case of Charlie Manuel and Joe Girardi it was.

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6 Responses to From Voting to Managers All Star Game a Joke

  1. Pete M

    The fans always get the shaft. I think they should pick everyone!

  2. 86mets

    It’s not really Howard over Votto that is the problem. It’s Omar Infante over Votto that is. HOW can Manuel validate THIS choice??? Even Infante thought he’d been traded when Bobby Cox called him. How does a light hitting utility infielder who gets maybe 10-12 at-bats per WEEK end up on the All-Star team over a guy hitting .300 w/ power (19 HR), run production (57 RBI), OBP well over .400, and slugging over .500? Maybe he didn’t want too many 1B? Oh, wait, Votto COULD play LF or RF in a pinch if needed, so that really can’t be it. Oh well, only in Philly. And what about Girardi leaving Jared Weaver off the roster with the game in his own home park? Never mind that Big CC will pitch the Sunday before the game and wouldn’t be able to pitch anyway. That’s a joke. So what’ll you do about THAT embarrassment Bud??? Baseball has just such inspiring leadership, doesn’t it??? :(

  3. Bas

    I hate guys like you who whine over the stupid All-star game. When you win the WS you get to pick who you want. Girardi is in a no win situation. He doesn’t pick A-Rod or CC and they wonder about their manager. Alex Rodriguez is fourth in MLB with 62 rbis, but that wasn’t good enough for his own manager to pick him? Who wants to deal with that? The managers shouldn’t be forced to pick. But nobodies like you wouldn’t understand that since you have no clue what it is like to have to manage.

    Even though they are a second pace team, there were already 86 Red Sox on the team already.

  4. 86mets

    Look, I got no gripe with Girardi. Yes, he can take who he wants and I don’t blame him for taking A-Rod and Sabathia. I would have too. Besides, when did I say anything about Rodriguez? It’s all politics, this managing of All Star rosters. That’s it. But there needs to be some semblance of common sense to it all. Sure, there’ll be a dozen guys left off each roster who deserve to be there on both sides. That’ll never change. But since when does it make sense to give an all star roster spot to a defensive fill in who bats only 10 times a week, tops (Omar Infante)? Taking Infante over, say Joey Votto, doesn’t enhance your teams’ chance of winning. And what sense is there in taking a 40 year LH specialist over equally (or more) qualified younger talents (i.e., Luke Gregerson or Mat Latos of SD for instance)? I’m just wondering (along with a former ML manager and former player of ESPN BBTN crew) what Charlie Manuel is thinking with some of his choices. BTW, let’s all see your MLB managerial credentials while we’re at.

  5. nyyankeefanforever

    What a retarded article. Did you even read what you wrote? Or more importantly, did you bother to read Girardi’s published reasoning? Rodriguez was 2nd in voting by ALL voters at his position and is 2nd OVERALL in RBIs….the next FIVE guys BEHIND him on the list ALL have more errors and ALL got voted in you jackass! Cry me a river retardo…and try not to reproduce….that is IF a human female allows you close enough who is not your mother. Sheesh! –Wake up and smell the dynasty! 28 in 2010!! Go Yankees!!!

  6. nyyankeefanforever

    Btw, I happen to agree with you on Vooto. Manuel is a snot-picking redneck slime who wouldve been swept in the Series against us if they hadn’t rented Lee. And NOW look where his gang is at! LMAO! Night all!

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