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The Dan Haren Wild Card

By Mike Silva ~ July 1st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Rumor Mill.

It’s possible that Cliff Lee could be wearing Mets orange and blue as early as Sunday if Lee’s self prophecy regarding last Tuesday’s start against the Yankees “being his last in a Mariners uniform.” We have been through the deal many times over the last few weeks and know the Mets have the prospects to obtain the lefty, but the actual asking price still seems to be a mystery. If the reports I have been told, as well as others throughout the media, are accurate it’s still an expensive proposition. Critics (mainly from the Seattle side) keep saying they need “top talent” for Lee because they believe he is the best pitcher in a market of one. That may not be totally accurate as Jerry Crasnick’s reports the Phillies are scouting Dan Haren in hopes of opening up talks about a possible trade. As I havem mentioned before the availability of Haren changes things with respect to Lee.

First, give credit to Howard Megdal who was the first to discuss Haren as a possible target over Cliff Lee. It appears the speculation about Haren’s availability is about to become a reality. In many ways Haren is every bit the equal of Lee with the added bonus of being younger and signed through 2013. It would behoove Omar Minaya to shop Seattle’s most expensive request to Arizona and see if they are interested in it for Haren. I wouldn’t give up both Wilmer Flores and Jenrry Mejia for Lee, but for Haren I would be inclined for reasons that I have outlined in the past.

The catch is the presence of the Phillies who have top prospect Domonic Brown to dangle in front of Arizona. Word of caution to Josh Byrnes: did you see the pile of junk Philly pawned off as top talent on Cleveland last year? Brown is in a far different class than any of the prospects Cleveland received, but I have my doubts Philadelphia would empty out their farm system and take on another contract. Even if they did, does history indicate you are getting any quality?

In essence, the presence of the Phils gives both Seattle and the Mets leverage against each other in the Lee negotiations. If Haren goes to the Phils the pressure is on Omar Minaya to match the move. If the Phils bow out and Arizona likes a Mets prospect package then Zduriencik needs to make a decision. In short, as much as I love the NBA, this is far more interesting than Lebron James meeting a fugazy minority owner in New Jersey. It’s a real chess match negotiation.

Cliff Lee very well may be on his way out of Seattle, but where he lands might become more of a mystery. Especially because of Dan Haren.

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  1. Rich

    “Word of caution to Josh Byrnes: did you see the pile of junk Philly pawned off as top talent on Cleveland last year?”

    Just like the megastars the Mets gave up for Johan Santana.

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