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Flores Can’t Stand in the Way of Cliff Lee

By Mike Silva ~ June 30th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

If not for Lebron James and 2010 NBA free agency talk it would be “all Cliff Lee all the time” throughout the city. I have to admit the twists and turns of rumors, opinion, and innuendo are fun, but starting to tire me as we head into the meat of the baseball schedule.

Two interesting turn of events today took place. First, Matt Cerrone’s post at Metsblog outlining Omar Minaya’s possible “take it or leave it” strategy (I recommended this approach last week) and Joel Sherman’s assertion that Wilmer Flores or less likely, Jenrry Mejia, need to be a centerpiece of any Seattle deal. Remember, our reports indicated that Seattle wanted Angel Pagan, Josh Thole, and a prospect so it’s very likely that prospect could be Flores or Mejia. If that is the case the Mets should negotiate, but not be afraid to center a deal on their top pitching or positional prospect.

Obtaining Cliff Lee won’t guarantee anything, but it will give the Mets a legitimate shot at a championship. These opportunities should be cherished (see 2006) because as Mets fans know all too well anything can happen year to year. The maybe of Flores or Mejia shouldn’t stand in the way, even for a rental, but I would reiterate to Jack Zduriencik the importance of completing a deal sooner rather than later.

Offer Flores or Mejia as the centerpiece along with Thole. If they need a third player it can’t be Pagan. You already are conceded on the top prospect so they will have to accept a lesser prospect such as Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Tell Seattle this deal expires in a short period of time and will not be available to them if they decide to hold out to July 31st. If they still think they will get back into the race with this lineup then good luck, because you will need it.

You shouldn’t overate your prospects. Remember how Lastings Milledge was suppose to be good once upon a time? What if Flores turns out that way and you pass up a chance to obtain Lee? On the same hand you can’t overplay your hand. It sounds like the Mets are willing to part with some talent for a Cliff Lee rental, but they shouldn’t play Seattle’s game. Give them a take it or leave it proposal. If Zduriencik doesn’t like it tell him to call J.P Ricciardi and see how waiting worked out for him with regards to Roy Halladay last year.

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4 Responses to Flores Can’t Stand in the Way of Cliff Lee

  1. GLS

    So, with the Yankees, Mets, Twins, Phillies, Rangers, Cardinals (maybe), and who knows how many other teams interested, the M’s should jump at a hardball take it or leave it offer from the Mets? You really haven’t thought this through, have you?

  2. Mike Silva


    You are far too presumptuous that teams will give up their top talent for a rental. If the Yanks got desperate, perhaps, but you will have to settle for about what you gave up for him – quantity of good prospects. Look at what Lee last year and Roy Halladay fetched.

  3. R U Kidding

    I wouldn’t give up 3 good prospects (not top ones) for a 3 month rental. I’m not that high on any of Flores,Thole,or Neuwenheis but you don’t empty the cupbooard for three months (or two) of a guy. And don’t mention the draft picks, the Mets obviously aren’t into draft picks preferring Carter over the two picks Wagner would have got thhem. maybe Flores/Thole I do but then I might want a relief pitcher or 2B.

  4. John

    I have seen Flores play in Savannah. The kid can flat out hit. I don’t think he is a shortstop as he clearly hasn’t finished growing. Which leads me to believe that he will fill out and add more power.
    Still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t trade him, since I am not sure what his ultimate position might be (not second base either). But he looks like he has good hands ( on a really really bad infield) and could wind up at third or even first or one of the corner outfield spots. And there is no guarantee that he continues to progress. But I would be more inclined to include him in a Harren deal than a Lee deal

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