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Rumblings: Seattle Wants Pagan From Mets

By Mike Silva ~ June 28th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Rumor Mill.

We all know the Mets interest in Cliff Lee, but to date all we have heard is what they don’t want to give up in a deal.

Yesterday, NYBD talked to a league source that indicated parameters of a deal would include Josh Thole, Angel Pagan, and a prospect for Cliff Lee. At this point I don’t have an idea what kind of prospect they would be looking for, but I would have to assume it would be pitching.

It should be obvious why Lee isn’t in Queens yet since Pagan is one of the players, along with Ike Davis, Jenrry Mejia and Jonathon Niese, the Mets are rumored to not want to part with.

Again, I don’t believe the Mets should have to overpay for what essentially will be a rental. Thole and a pitching prospect (i.e. Jeurys Familia) should be more than enough.

To hear more about this rumor and other Mets talk download last night’s Weekly Digest show here.

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3 Responses to Rumblings: Seattle Wants Pagan From Mets

  1. Disgruntled

    I don’t ever respond to these stupid articles but after reading this one I can’t help but put in my (and hopefully anyone who follows baseball) two cents.

    Mike Silva, this is probably the most one-sided article that was ever published and I don’t even know where to begin to tear it apart. If the Mets front office listens to people like you and reads articles like this, New York’s National league team is going to have bare fingers for years to come (24 and counting Mets fans.)

    First, how much is a pennant, or even a ring worth to you? Josh Thole and Jeurys Familia? There’s a great suggestion!! An offer like that would definitely beat all other offers!! A 13th round pick hitting .267 in triple A, and a high A fringe prospect with an ERA just under 6. That’s what it’s worth to you huh? I truly hope real Mets fans don’t share your sentiment.

    The number one goal for a sports fan is to see our team win the world series. The bragging rights, the sense of accomplishment, knowing that you picked the right team…. you knew you’d win. So for an entire 365 days we can tell other people that “our team” is better than theirs.

    If the Mets think they’re good enough to compete for the pennant, which they very well may be, then get there….. Plain and simple. Your answer to that Josh Thole and Jeurys Familia huh? REALLY??? If you were the GM and that were your offer for the best southpaw in baseball, the Royals would outbid you TODAY solely for the revenue every 5th day.

    IT’S FOR THE WORLD SERIES DUDE! You can’t get any better than that. I understand that no one wants to mortgage the farm for a rental, but there are several key points that are unconsidered in this article. First, and the most obvious, you have a real chance at the world series…… THE WORLD SERIES. If you were paying attention you’d remember that that’s the number one goal for fans. The smiles on faces for a whole calander year ALONE is worth more than those players you’re suggesting. Go back and read M’s fans comments when they got Cliff Lee in the off-season. Tell me those aren’t true fans. They gave up their best pitching prospect at the time and didn’t even have a real shot at anything then.

    Second, who said Cliff Lee is a rental? Unless I’m missing something, the Mets would have the inside track on signing him. He’s played with them for a half of a season, tasted victory, created relationships with players, coaches, and fans, and since the NYM have shown that they don’t have a problem spending money, I’d put my money on Cliff Lee returning. In fact, I’D mortgage the farm on that bet.

    And finally, if Cliff Lee DOES happen to leave, you get two 1st round draft pics as a consolation prize. FIRST ROUNDERS……. TWO OF ‘EM! That ALONE is much better what you offered up.

    If the Mets don’t want to offer real talent for real talent, fine…. they don’t deserve to win anything. Let another GM with the wherewithal and drive compete to win the world series. The Mets can keep watching Johan Santana recede while the rest of baseball passes them by.

    I’m glad Citigroup is making some better decisions, let’s hope the team it sponsors can do the same.

  2. Pat

    Disgruntled is dead on… why would the Mariners take Thole and Familia when they can just hang on to Lee and get two draft picks next June? If we want a top player like Lee we have to give up at least a decent package. AND we have to realize that the worst case scenario is that WE get those two draft picks next June. Heck, if the Mets didn’t trade for Lee and then signed him in the off-season (a distinct possibility) they’d GIVE UP a draft pick AND they’d have no idea how he’d perform in NY, not to mention they’d miss out on building a relationship with him that might make him more signable. Now is definitely the time to go for it, and if it means trading Angel Pagan (particularly when there’s still the chance he could turn back in to a pumpkin… I don’t think its likely but you can’t rule it out with his history) you do it!

  3. GLS

    You seem to lack critical thinking ability. “Should” doesn’t have anything to do with it.

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