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Is it Mets vs. Twins for Lee?

By Mike Silva ~ June 24th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Rumor Mill.

Reports today indicate that it very well could come down to the Mets or Twins for Cliff Lee. I still believe the Yankees will monitor the situation and get involved if the price is right. Joe Delgrippo, formerly of this site, threw some information out about a deal between the Twins and Mariners falling through last week. Apparently the clubs were ready to pull the trigger on a swap that would include Wilson Ramos and Brian Duensing. Before you trash the rumor, Delgrippo has been covering the minor league system and talking to baseball people the last few years. Just earlier this week NYBD contributor Jed Weisberger told me that baseball people felt the Twins would acquire Lee in the very near future, perhaps by the first of July. In other words, don’t dismiss the Delgrippo rumor because it’s from the Bleacher Report.

Does this mean the possibility of Lee to the Twins is dead? The injury to Ramos doesn’t appear, right now, to be that serious so talks could heat up. What does that type of package mean for the Mets if they were to get serious about acquiring Lee? First, it means Josh Thole very well could be on the way out. Thole is nowhere near the same level prospect as Ramos, Austin Romine, or Jesus Montero, catchers that are desired by Seattle, but he can hit and put up a good showing during his September cup of coffee last season. The other name heard is Jonathan Niese, a piece the Mets are unwilling to part with. He is comparable to Duensing, but experienced more success at the big league level. Forget Niese, Ike Davis, Jenrry Mejia, or as Geoff Baker of the Seattle Time speculated, Angel Pagan going to Seattle since they didn’t give up that much to acquire him in the first place.

Delgrippo believes this trade will eventually happen and, if that is the case, the Mets could easily match it in my opinion. I would offer a Jeurys Familia, Josh Thole, and Fernando Martinez package to see if Seattle will bite. The extra player in Martinez might cancel out the presence of Ramos, and Familia is a hard thrower that isn’t major league ready, but has more upside than Duensing.

In the end it appears the Twins are now the favorites to land Cliff Lee. Of course, the Yankees could trump them all with a Romine/Montero and Eduardo Nunez package, but they believe Lee will sign with them this offseason. In any event, we could be headed to a resolution on the Cliff Lee scenario sooner rather than later.

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2 Responses to Is it Mets vs. Twins for Lee?

  1. ajsosa

    I make that trade….Mariners Win and Mets Win for Months. But the real winner it the team who sign C. Lee. Mets Need Lee, Minaya want to change the history between Lee and Minaya. When Minaya change Lee to Indians for Bartolo Colon. Sorry Minaya I hope you dont make the same mistake. But it balance trade, for both team.

  2. R U Kidding

    I don’t like two month rentals. The Mets don’t value the baseball draft. I don’t see the two draft picks for losing Lee an incentive to the Mets. I doubt this deal happens. How about Lyons or Lindstrom,Wood,or Guthrie. I think one of those guys more likely than Lee.

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