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Is Mejia to Minors Trade Bait?

By Mike Silva ~ June 21st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

The more you think about the move to finally send Jenrry Mejia to the minors, the more it appears that Mejia may start again, but not in a Mets uniform. If you look at his near term development as a starter the earliest you can see Mejia contributing would be the middle of next year. With innings limits and development of secondary pitches its conceivable he won’t be a full fledge member of the rotation until 2012. Remember, it takes a while to develop as a starter and Mejia isn’t close to mastering pitches that would allow him to navigate lineups multiple times. He was less than impressive coming out of the bullpen the last three months. That makes we think his real value to the organization is trade bait, not as a contributor at the big league level.

As we charge towards the July 31st deadline it got me to thinking again about Cliff Lee. The Yankees, although keeping their eye on the situation, need offense more than pitching. I wonder if their interest is more with an eye towards what the Red Sox are doing than the desire to assemble an all time staff. The Twins obviously are lurking in this sweepstakes, but it could very well be the Mets in the driver’s seat.

Even if Lee is a rental any team that acquires him will net two draft picks in next year. Wilmer Flores, Jenrry Mejia, Jeurys Familia, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis are all players that interest Seattle and very well could be worth additional draft picks if Lee winds up leaving. I think it would behoove the Mets to attempt to acquire Lee early in the process rather than drag it out to the deadline. Each day that passes is one less potential start in a race that surely will go down to the wire.

If Seattle wants Nieuwenhuis, Flores, and Mejia should the Mets do it? What about substituting Thole (rumors are Seattle wants a catcher in the deal) for Nieuwenhuis? In each case I am very tempted to say yes, especially if a deal could be swung in early July giving them another 3-5 Lee starts. I have no doubt that Seattle scouts will be in attendance for Mejia’s first Binghamton start on Wednesday.

The Mets finally did the right thing by sending Mejia down to develop as a starter and perhaps it will pay dividends by netting the prize of the trade deadline: Cliff Lee.

Listen to me talk Mets baseball on my NYBD on WGBB show from last night.

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6 Responses to Is Mejia to Minors Trade Bait?

  1. metsfan73

    …or could it be that the Mets are grooming Mejia to be a starter because John Maine will not pitch in a Mets uniform again?

  2. ajsosa

    Not Strike 3. Mariners want to much for C. Lee. I have 4 untouchable Wilmer Flores, Jenrry Mejia, Jeurys Familia, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis. With all other Minaya can do what ever he want. But that remember me when Minaya trade for Bartolo Colon, him trade Colón and Tim Drew were traded to the Montreal Expos in exchange for Lee Stevens, Brandon Phillips, and prospects Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee. Look what Brandon Phillips, and prospects Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee Do, change 4 future all star for C. Lee Now. What ever, Dont make that stupid trade. I like the idea to call up Dylon Gee and Mark Cohoon to see what they have for the team. It time to call up this two pitchers. Maybe give some opportunity to Josh Stinson and Brandon Moore. It time to CALL UP. Trade Maine and Carter for Reliver. Call UP Nieuwenhuis. Also i dont like Fernado Martinez to many injury, never growth. Trade him to Indians for Carmona.

  3. ajsosa

    Why not trade Beltran to Mariners for C. Lee. That Make sense. at this time Mets dont need Beltran, Trade him to Mariners for C. Lee. I like Pagan in the CF and Call Up Nieuwenhuis. Him play CF. Call Up, pooch in Minor league system. We have Good Players in the minor league, look Tejada, Ike, Mejias and others. TIME TO CALL UP And BELIEVE……

  4. Micalpalyn

    exactly…or a 3-way trade …ala halladay.

  5. Ted

    Why would teams give up 2 prime prospects for a guy they would have for 3 months?

    teams value their major league ready prospects now.

  6. metsfan73

    Beltran can’t be traded unless he agrees. He has a full no trade clause through the remainder of his contract, which ends at the conclusion of the 2011 season.

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