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The Fascist Boot Burkhardt

By Mike Silva ~ June 20th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Sports Media Commentary.

During the first inning of today’s Subway Series finale at Yankee Stadium Kevin Burkhardt gave the WPIX viewers, mostly Mets fans, a feel of the Bleacher Creatures. Our good friend Bald Vinny informed me that Burkhardt was booted from the bleachers by Stadium security as they cited a “no media allowed” policy. When I asked Vinny if YES was held to the same policy he responded by saying “nope, Kim Jones was out here (the bleachers) earlier in the season.” Burkhardt had no comment when I messaged him about getting the boot.

This is the kind of fascist behavior that gives YES, and the Yankees, the al-Yankzeera moniker by Bob Raissman. Instead of allowing Burkhardt and PIX to have some fun with the fans they play corporate baby games (something that corporations are becoming good at in our country). Ironically, this is just a day after they allowed Lady Gaga to prance around the Stadium naked and worm her way into the locker room. Disgrace!

I know the segment by Burkhardt rubbed Mets fans the wrong way, but the Bleacher Creatures have been a fixture at the old and new stadium for years. They are fiercely loyal in an era of “designer fans” and give Yankee Stadium a unique character and home field advantage.

Last summer I had Bald Vinny on the show to talk about the Creatures and replayed a segment by Flip Bondy who wrote a book about them. I am a big fan of what those guys do.

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2 Responses to The Fascist Boot Burkhardt

  1. Rich

    I wonder if you know what the word fascist means. From your use it doesn’t appear you do.

  2. Mike Silva


    I was having fun with words. I know what a fascist is and I realize the Yankees are not really trying to create a political movement. The action was something that you would see from a fascist government – better?

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