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Classic Subway Series Game But Without the Juice

By Mike Silva ~ June 19th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

I wrote back in May the Subway Series has “jumped the shark.” I believe six games and two series is a bit much and loses its luster with the fans. Last night at Yankee Stadium we had a ballgame with all the elements of a great Subway Series Game: pitching duel, big hits, tense moments, and everything coming down to one at bat. For the majority of the game, including the sixth when the Yanks loaded the bases with two outs, you would have thought this was a lazy night in April against the Orioles.

Is it the Subway Series? Should we go with my idea and do a four game series from Thursday to Sunday and split the games 2 and 2 at the ballparks? Or is this a deeper issue such as are the Yankees fans bored? Have corporate interests finally seeped into the culture of the 27 time World Champs? Has the winning over the last 15 years become stale and regular season matchups aren’t enough to get the juices flowing?

Even though I am not a huge proponent of the Subway Series I always thought the atmosphere was a great test for a team’s development throughout the season. This holds true for a Mets team that even their manager showed doubt when asked by Mike Francesa if they could continue their current roll. They want to win so everyone can move away from the pessimism and negativity over the last two plus seasons. Maybe that’s are the reason for such a contrast on both sides of town. The Yankees look a combination of bored and old. I said this about the Phillies a few weeks back, a slump can create a number of adjectives, but if A-Rod is compromised, Teixeira on a down year, and Curtis Granderson average I can’t see them sustaining an advantage in what is now a three team race.

Maybe the fans have a right to be passive. When your team doesn’t score it takes them out of the game. I do know the Mets were under .500 back in May and there was juice in the building at Citi Field, not like it was in the nineties, but it was there.  Perhaps it’s because these games now have more of a home team feel and less of a 50/50 split.

Is this the classic chicken and egg question? Are the Yankees fans bored because of the performance of the product or has winning jumped the shark?

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3 Responses to Classic Subway Series Game But Without the Juice

  1. GravediggerHebner

    Well speaking as a Mets fan if Yankees fans were bored last night it might be because their offense put them to sleep.

    But I agree with the assessment that the Subway Series, and I would expand that to all of inter-league play, has jumped the shark. It dilutes league pennant races and that in my opinion is too great a sacrifice for the sake of a few gimmick, money grab series.

    As a Mets fan I do very much want my favorite team to play a team from the other league every year, but I want that to be in the World Series in October and November, not in May & June when they should be competing against their own league foes in a fight for a pennant.

  2. Stu B

    I disagree that the rivalry has “jumped the shark” (whatever that cliche-like statement means)…First, these series are always fun because the team that loses is immediately answerable to its fans and the city, and the games always draw sellout crowds. Second, reducing it by 2 games wouldn’t make enough of a difference to matter…don’t confuse it with interleague play in general, where maybe we don’t need to see the Mets play teams like the Indians and Royals or the Yankees play teams like the Pirates and Astros…

  3. Stu B

    A little quick research uncovered this nugget – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark

    Whether on agrees or not, perhaps the phrase is more applicable to the series/rivalry between the Mets and Yankees than to winning games, as suggested above…

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