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F-Mart Hot Streak Could Provide Valuable Trade Commodity

By Mike Silva ~ June 15th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

Last night fans were treated to a broadcast of the Buffalo/Lehigh Valley game on SNY during the Mets off day. A familiar face provided the heroics as Fernando Martinez hit a two out walk off grand slam for a 7-6 victory. Martinez returned this weekend after spending a month on the disabled list with a hamstring strain and has gone 7 for 16 with 2 homers and 5 RBI. I have always been skeptical of Martinez’s ceiling, seeing him as another version of Alex Ochoa, but the talent is there and this hot streak could help the Mets leverage him in a deal for a piece that could help them win now.

The big names of Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt will be out there, despite reports of Oswalt heading to Texas. Would Houston accept a deal centered on Fernando Martinez for Oswalt? Yes, you might be getting Oswalt for a year and a half, but what will Martinez provide? If he turns out to be a fourth outfielder it may be worth the risk. On the flip side, Houston would be receiving a top prospect, no guarantee mind you, but someone with a high reward ceiling they could build around. Instead of taking a bundle of prospects and paying Oswalt’s salary, take a riskier high ceiling one and demand the Mets pay the freight.

Martinez might be less of a fit for the Mariners since they appear to be looking for a shortstop and catcher, however not many teams outside of the Yankees could give them top talent at both positions. Would they accept Martinez, Thole, and Tejada for Lee? The inclusion of Martinez allows Minaya to keep Wilmer Flores who is starting to realize some of his potential this season.

Fernando Martinez is an interesting player, but I have yet to see him put together a minor league season that matches his potential. Of course, he never has played a full season to date either. Perhaps it’s time to use the return of Fernando Martinez and receive some value so not to be stuck with a player that is a potential lemon.

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2 Responses to F-Mart Hot Streak Could Provide Valuable Trade Commodity

  1. John

    I agree that this may be the time to move Martinez if the right deal came along. But Thole, Tejada and Martinez for Lee doesn’t make sense. The Mets need a catcher next year and Thole may be the best option out there. I saw him catch several times last year at AA and he is not bad. I think there is no question he can hit.
    The problem with Lee is he is 32 years old and looking for a 5 year deal. Do you want a 37 year old Lee on your staff?
    Oswalt straight up for Martinez? Okay. One guy on the way down and one guy who can’t stay on the field. Probably worth a shot if the Astro’s are willing.

  2. Stu B

    According to several sources, Oswalt is very close to being traded to Texas…

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