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A-Rod Contract Looks More Dubious Every Day

By Mike Silva ~ June 14th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

When Alex Rodriguez opted out of his deal after the 2007 season the Yankees, specifically Brian Cashman, were ready to move on. It was ownership that saw the marketing potential with Rodriguez going for 500 homers and spending the rest of his career in the Bronx. A-Rod hitting his 800th homer in pinstripes was not inconceivable. Now three year later he is struggling with a balky hip and has the scars of PED use from his Texas days. A-Rod is still marketable, but what type of player will the Yankees get between now and when his contract expires in 2017?

Right now the Yankees are “hoping” that Rodriguez can return against the Phillies on Tuesday. Whether he can play the field or DH remains to be seen. They already have one player in Jorge Posada that will need some time at the designated hitter spot. In other words, the Yankees starting lineup is starting to show their age. We all know Rodriguez will hit even if his health deteriorates, the great Mickey Mantle was productive late in his career, but what will the price be? Monetarily $143 million is owed for the next six years. More important is how many prospects will be blocked, and potentially traded away, because of the immovable A-Rod? You already have a kid in Brandon Laird tearing up the Eastern League (13 homers, 59 RBI, .897 OPS) that probably will never see pinstripes. Under the old contract Rodriguez would have been a free agent at the end of this year making the transition to Laird seamless. What an interesting debate resigning A-Rod would have been if he was on the last year of his deal. I would be leaning towards “no” for what it’s worth.

I am not sure we will ever see a contract the size and length of Alex Rodriguez again, at least not for someone who will be 41 years old at the end of the deal. The Yankees will make a return on investment from Rodriguez when they sell merchandise for his 600th homer run, but how many more after that? Even if he does still pop 30 homers a year are we talking about the same type of impact player? Already this year we have seen a drop off as his current numbers are the worst since 1997 when he was 21 years old.

A month ago I foolishly started to question the health of Derek Jeter. Was he declining at a rapid rate? Just a couple of weeks later the Captain is back to his normal productive self. Am I doing the same with A-Rod? Perhaps, but the Yankees better hope so since the cost of Rodriguez could be more than just dollars and cents.

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9 Responses to A-Rod Contract Looks More Dubious Every Day

  1. Shamik

    He’ll be a DH, Jeter will be in the outfield, Posada will be a backup or released. Yanks have plenty of money to blow on other players. They’ll be fine.

  2. Patrick

    I don’t think you are being presumptuous, it is foolishness to believe that a team will be fortunate enough to watch ALL of its aging stars defy a reality that strikes almost all pro athletes. Especially when you consider ARods game is about his power production. The odds of him being more than a .280 30 HR 90-100 RBI guy for even just a few more years is not that good, especially when you consider how he messed with steroids and possibly HGH.

    Look at the Sammy Sosa slid, the roller coaster of Jason Giambi, other notable PED abusers who began to fumble and lose consistency quickly. Giambi had a good year at age 37, not unheard of in baseball circles for a guy to be showing signs of decline and have one solid bounce back, but unlikely to sustain.

  3. geek

    How serious are A-Rods injuries is unknown.

    Did the contract make sense, yes if your goal was to win it all.

    Would other teams if they could sign him today, I think the answer to that is yes.

  4. Jeff

    The Yankee bean-counters had their blinders on when they let Scott Boras and his phony-baloney “I’m firing my agent” act pull the wool over their eyes. I have no doubt that A-Rod was gulping up the Human Growth Hormone and probably juicing the year that his contract was up…just examine his numbers. Here is an admitted PED user caught lying on TV not once but again and again…His life of partying with A-list celebrities has aged him in dog years. The Yankees drank the Cool-Aid on this one. All they saw was the home record, heck they even shortened-yes SHORTENED the field for him. A-Rod even with his HgH is less than half the hitter Barry (blacklisted) Bonds was. The Yankees should have signed Bonds instead.

  5. Frank P. Marrone Jr.

    I totally disagree with the story. How many times has a yankee player “gotten to old” and was written off. The Red Sox said Clemens was done, he went on to win a Cy Young witht he Bluejays and a couple world Series Rings, Jeter was a defensive mess only to have one of his best seasons last year…and yes…another ring! Pettite was done three years ago and even the yankees made the mistake of letting him go to Houston. Now he and Hughes are the Aces of the staff. Players get hurt all the time, they have off years, sometimes even back to back. These are Human beings not machines. The A-rod Contract(s) have been some of the best the yankees have made and he will still be one of the most prolific players and maybee the Home Run King by 2017 and yearing Pinstripes in the Hall of fame. Best yet a player who took a beating from Yankee Fans is now a true and tried Yankee, who loves the fans, and admitted mistakes! this steriod issue needs to die. bottom line it alot of players did it and since we have an idiot running baseball that had no rules set up, it was allowed to go as far as it did.
    The Yankees are the Greatest Franchise in any sport and will always compete and get players they need. Tired of hearing the argument for salary caps and Buying the world Series crap. You still got to go play the games and having great players dont guarentee anything as we found out from 2001-2008. we have built the Name New York Yankees over the last 80 years buy having great players and earned the money that gets reinvested back into our team.
    Cashman has done a great job and everyone knows it! anyone from the Cubs, whitesox, Brewers,Mariners,Indians,Padres or Royals want a GM like Cashmen, Owner like Steinbrenner or “washed up” Player like A-Rod in your organization? If not than you probably like the fact you havent Won a World Series in40 years or never.
    Frank P Marrone Jr

  6. Dave

    Hey Frank Marrone, while you’re spewing all over yourself about how great Cashman (please learn how to spell!), Steinbrenner, and A-Roid are, don’t forget that money talks and other stuff walks!

  7. Frank P. Marrone Jr.


    Sory mi less than perfict spelling afended u. You must be a Red Sux fan and hav a very sad life.
    Yurs Truuly,

  8. Dave

    Frank M. is a former (fired) radio shack dick head..

  9. Dave

    High blood pressure… diabetes… I am surprised he is 40 (due to his health).. and he is a Mason (what a joke)…. Anyway, what comes around, always GOES AROUND… I loved reading about Frank M. hitting that DEER a few years back on ROUTE 30…. That was just part of KARMA…

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