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Will the Fans Start to Like This Team?

By Mike Silva ~ June 9th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

We have been hearing negativity from the fan base the better part of a full year since the injuries hit last June. The offseason didn’t help as the team played it conservative, angering the masses even more. With the slow start, curious managing by Jerry Manuel and stubborn loyalty to broken down players, this boiled over through the early part of the season.

Now with homegrown talent making an impact, guys like Jesus Feliciano and Chris Carter on the bench and veterans like R.A Dickey hungry to prove their worth, will the fans gravitate towards this group of guys? Back in 2006 there was a “love affair” between the team and fans that I hadn’t seen since the eighties. Of course, winning will do that but it quickly turned sour after Beltran’s Game 7 at bat.

For all the flaws of this team there is one thing that has been constant all year: they play hard. Maybe a Jeff Francoeur or Rod Barajas isn’t exactly the type of baseball player you like, but they never cheat you on effort. Yes, this isn’t little league so you don’t get a point for trying, however we saw teams in recent years that may not have given max effort on a nightly basis. Give me slightly less talent and hunger over talent and boredom any day of the week. Perhaps the desire to win is what could close the talent gap between the Mets and their rivals down south.

Maybe this year won’t end in a champagne celebrations, but there are positives signs on the field and you have to like the effort you get on a nightly basis. I believe we will be entertained, at the very least, until the end.

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2 Responses to Will the Fans Start to Like This Team?

  1. RonOK

    For the most part, I like this this team — I like Francoeur and Barajas …. I am frustrated by Reyes’ constant pop ups and Wright’s K’s, but I love them too.

    I appreciate Cora’s grit, Bay’s experience and Ike Davis’ youthful enthusiasm — and he reminds me a lot of John Olerude.

    I love Santana — I am warming to Pelfrey (the balks and inconsistency last year really had me doubting him) …

    My problem is not so much with the players — although you can take most of the bullpen, Ollie, Maine and Castillo — but it is with Minaya who proved to be a moron during the Bernazard/Rubin issue last year, seems to be able to sign decent free agents when he’s writing bigger checks then everyone else and is not the best GM you want making a player trade.

    The Mets are clicking right now — but they are playing at home … let’s see what happens next week on the road …. the Yankee series could be a blood bath, but with six games before that in Baltimore and Cleveland, they should at least perform better then they have onthe road in the past.

  2. UncleMario

    The key issue has always with both Minaya and the Wilpons along with the memories of both the Bartolo Colon and Carlos Zambrano trades.

    The question is whether the Mets willing to pull the trigger on a trade to obtain another starting pitcher or a piece needed (by giving up their vaulted prospects). Also it will answer with Minaya’s assertion that he has full autonomy or not.

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