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Werth Will Be On Yanks Wish List

By Frank Russo ~ June 7th, 2010. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

We were told by our main Yankees source down in Tampa that the Phillies Jayson Werth has now passed Carl Crawford on the top of the Yankees ”wish list” for the future. ”They’ve been coveting him for more than two years now, just like they have with Cliffy (Cliff Lee), and feel that he would be the perfect fit in right field.” I know a lot of people have been talking about Crawford for next year, but I’m telling you now, if Werth is a free agent next off-season, Brian (Cashman) will make him a priority.”

So where does this leave Nick Swisher? My source told me that Swisher, who would be in the last year of his contract, would most likely be used as a left fielder/first baseman/DH, with Granderson staying in center and Brett Gardner moved into the role of fourth outfielder. Do the Phillies want to or have enough money to give him the type of contract extension that will keep him off the open market?  As I always say, it should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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Frank is a resident of East Brunswick, NJ and former radio announcer. He is a 4th generation Republican and Yankees Fan. He also enjoys listening to talk radio. His favorite announcer is Shawn Hannity of “Hannity” on FOX and enjoys reading about military history. In addition to rooting for the Yankees, he also has a passion for the New York Islanders. You can enjoy Frank’s work at The Dead Ball Era and his book “Bury My Heart at Cooperstown”. Check out his “Rants and Raves” on New York Baseball Digest.

19 Responses to Werth Will Be On Yanks Wish List

  1. Kevin Davis

    Why would you take a guy who is hitting .310 and has 20 stolen bases and plays the best centerfield in baseball and make him your fourth outfielder? And, you have him cheap for the next 4 plus years. I think your yankee source needs to pick up his broom and dustpan and go back to work.

  2. Mike Silva

    He didn’t say Gardner wouldn’t play, but perhaps, just like with Austin Jackson, the Yanks view Werth as an upgrade.

    We have long heard Gardner is not a “Yankees type OF” Besides he can still get playing time, just might have less because of Swisher, etc.

    I think your comment is short sided with all due respect

  3. FtheSkanks

    Stay away from the Evil Empire JAYSON. Do not become a sellout.Oh and you will have to be all prim and proper.You’ll even have to shave that beautiful beard.Stay in Philly.We love you way too much.

  4. FtheSkanks

    Oh and Cliff too? The Yankees disgust me.We need a salary cap in baseball ASAP.

  5. DeathTo Red Sox Nation


    Wow, really creative, especially for a fan from “Cheese Steak” country. So now you want a salary cap? You morons had Cliff Lee but chose to trade him when he didn’t want tio sign an extension to play in your dump of a city. Please. I’m no Mets fan, but God I hope they continue to kick your asses up and down all season. We’ll have our chance next week. Stop crying just because we beat your asses fair and square in the series. Your media is still whining about how Andy Pettitte is old and done and can’t believe he beat your team twice. Go Black Hawks!

  6. FtheSkanks

    Go Black Hawks? Typical Bandwagon fan. I bet your a Yankees,Lakers,Saints, & Black Hawks fan.What does that have to do with baseball anyway? To be honest I’m not that upset about Cliff.Sure it would be nice to have him and Doc but our pitching staff is doing quite well with the exception of Blanton.Cliff wanted more than anything to be a Phillie this year. Do you really think he is happy as a Mariner?He was pissed and shocked we dumped him off there.I’m not worried about the Mets.We were in a terrible offensive slump slump during that series.We are still ahead of them in the standings but I hope you and the other Yankee bandwagoners are happy playing second fiddle to the Rays.I hope they continue to kick your asses for the rest of the season.Phillies have played and have won a few series against the Mets and Braves.I know we are better than them.Did you also forget the Yankees lost 2 against the Mets in the Subway series a few weeks ago? Oh and you’re so original with the cheesteak comment! Never heard that before.

  7. DeathTo Red Sox Nation


    Listen waste case. Make all the excuses you want. We are not talking about the Mets against the Yankees here. We are talking about your team and your freaking whining. You can’t take it that we beat you fair and square, even after Rollins shot off his mouth. And no, I am not a fan of all those teams moron breath. In fact, I am rooting for the Black Hawks because they havn’t won in 49 years and cbecause they are playing a Philly team. I am not worried about the Rays, and for your info, we are exactly 2-3 agaisnt them this season, with a ton of games left. Worry about your own damn team and go post to some Philly website. I’m friends with several Phillies fans and they’re pretty decent guys. They don’t have to resort to using stupid and nasty handles like FtheSkanks to get theit point across.

    Oh and btw, Cliff wants to pitch for the Yankees because his best friend, CC Sabathia, is on the team, that’s a fact. And what’s with the whole “beautifyul beard” comment regarding Werth? This isn’t the fashion network your posting to. It’s NYBD. God how. You are such a maroon!

  8. Andrew Yankee Fan

    I guess well see. If Brett Gardner however continues to produce as he is, I see no reason to sign Werth. I’m sure they’re going to sign Lee, but I don’t see the obvious fit for Werth. I actually think Werth is Beantown bound.

  9. FtheSkanks

    I am worried about my own team.I don’t want Werth to sell out and go to the Yankees.We need him.The Skanks can buy all the championships they want but Werth just doesn’t belong there.He isn’t a prissy bitch like everyone on the Yanks.Cliff never said he wants to pitch for the Yankees.He said he wants to pitch for a contender so that could be the Cards,Phils,Skanks,Rays etc.

  10. DeathTo Red Sox Nation


    Whyt is it that when a player goes to New York he is a sell out, and fans from other cities start bitching and whining about salary caps? God, you are a typical jealous fan. Oh yeah, you made the following comment, “Oh and you’re so original with the cheesteak comment! Never heard that before.” And like you are original with your “Skankees” reference? How old and cliched is that?

    You also said that everyone on the Yankees is a “prissy bitch.” Remember jackass, they are the same “prissy bitches” who beat your team in the World Series. Deal with it already and stop whining like a sore loser, which you apparently are. I would love to see you go up to Posada or anyone of the Yankees and call them a prissy bitch to their faces. They would hit you so hard they would kill your whole family, you gutless puke!

    Oh yeah, one last thing loser. Cliff Lee has said that he has no problem pitching for the Yankees, and it is a known fact that he wants to pitch in New York for the Bombers. It’s been all over the internet. Trying looking for the truth instead of downloading porn, you moron.

  11. Frank Russo


    Great point as always. Personally, I think they might move Swisher, who will be in the last year of his contract. The Yankees a whole love Gardner, and think he could actually become a Crawford type player.

    As far as Werth goes, I can see the RSN taking a run at him as well as the Dodgers or even the Cubs, but I still think the Yanks will go after him hard. Either way, the Yankees have plenty of options!

  12. Andrew Yankee Fan

    For sure Frank. I agree. Like I said, I’m certain their going to sign Lee. They’ll be committing close to $70 million dollars on three starters. But in baseball, if there is one area a team wants to load up on it’s starting pitching.

    As for Werth, do you really see the Dodgers going after him? The McCourt divorce has really killed them financially. I think a big indicator as how much money the Dodgers really have will be if they sign their first round pick Zach Lee. I think he floated a price tag of somewhere between $2-3 million. If they don’t sign him, it’s a bad sign of team’s financial flexibility.

  13. Frank Russo


    Another great observation! I just have a weird feeling regarding the Dodgers. Torre wants to keep managing, but wants the front office to bring in better players, but the whole 1st draft chice scenario is just a great point that I forgot about. I forgot to mention Anaheim. I could see them making a run at Werth, since Moreno has all the money in the world and word on the street is that they are going to go after some heavy free agents next year, including Lee!

  14. FtheSkanks

    I’ve heard the same insults like “gutless puke” from my brother in 3rd grade.

    My comment about the Yankees wasn’t unoriginal it was the truth.Why should I be jealous?The Phillies haven’t been completley unsucessful.Up until 2009 I haven’t even encountered a Yankees fan but of course everyone becomes a fan after they win a WS.

    Dude the Yankees are prissy bitches who bitch and complain about everything.The only one I have any respect for is Jeter.You have the biggest diva douchebag on your team ARoid whose Hollywood award show bitch ass ruins the image of the entire team.Tell him his guyliner looked good at the American Music Awards the next time you go to a game.

    Cliff has said he would like to go to a contender which the Yankees are unfortunatly but he could end up anywhere.We’ll have to wait and see.

  15. Death To Red Sox Nation

    You are a complete joke, plain and simple. The Yankees are not “Prissy Bitches” as you say. You point to ARod, (calling him ARoid) and talk about him at an award show. Most MLB players lead the kind of privileged lives and do things that you and your drug addled mind could never even conceive of doing. The ARod example is getting old, so cut the crap with it man. ARod is one of the toughest players in the game, and I assure you, if you went up to him and called him a “Prissy Bitch” he’d knock you out of you diaper. So let’s see, according to you and your vast knowledge of Yankees history, Posada is Prissy? “Tex” and Swisher are Prissy? Granderson is Prissy. Cano is Prissy? Johnny Damon, is Prissy? (yeah, when he was stealing two bases off of your team on the same play) and Brett Gardner is Prissy? You never even cite your own players who complain about balls and strikes. All players complain about the strike zone because the umpires are awful. Rollins and Howard and Victorino complain about strikes and balls all the time, but you fail to mention that. It’s selective memory from a jealous “Yankees Hater.” Why should you be jealous? Hell, just the fact that you had to use that stupid Moniker and the fact that you had to chime in about the Yankees pursuit of players shows how incredibly jealous you are. And don’t site your brother and something from years ago moron. Again, you’re wrong on Lee and didn’t do any research. He has openly stated he wouldn’t mind playing for the Yankees and wants to be reunited with CC. Is CC “Prissy”? 27 Championship versus 2? That can’t be a reason for jealously.You say your aren’t jealous but you are. Deep down you can’t stand the fact that if the Yanks were in the same position as the Phillies, they would have kept both Halladay and Lee, but your team cut and ran. You are jealous. Oh, and by the way, You are not stating the “truth” you moron. You are giving your opinion, which, in your sick, jealous, twisted, Yankee Hating mind, is the truth.

    Here is a cold hard fact. No one, I mean, no one cares what you think or say. The only reason, and I mean, the only reason, I am responding to your boorish posts is to set the record straight. I refuse to let a “Yankee Hating” moronic Phillies fan spew lies and complete BS with impunity. Do us all a favor and go away and die already.

  16. FtheSkanks

    Everyone knows…even the Yankees know the only reason they are sucessful is because of their money.They go out and buy everyone elses all stars to build a team that could be virtually unstoppable.I love my team of homegrown guys who (most) came through the Phillies minor league system.How many of your allstars came through the Yankees minor league system? I wouldn’t consider AROID and his guyliner tough.He is probably the biggest douchebag in NY and that’s a hard title to earn with all the nasty guidos that live there.

    Jealousy has absolutley nothing to do with my hatred for the Yankees.I was raised to hate them.95% of the country hates them.I’m proud of our titles and how we earned them.I’d rather have my team fight for a ring than have it handed to them on a silver platter.

    Good for Cliff.I hope he becomes a Yankee and fails while he is there.Yankee “fans” want him
    because they saw how he performed in the WS.He wasn’t THAT great the few months we had him.I’ll lose every ounce of respect I have for him if he sells out to this team.Same with Jayson.If we don’t resign him I hope he ends up in Boston or anywhere else for that matter.

  17. Death To Red Sox Nation

    Lies, lies and more lies from your disease filled brain. Get your facts straight you ass-munch. First off, 95% of America does not hate the Yankees. Maybe in your mind they do, but not in real America. The Yankees have one of the largest fans bases in all of professional sports, bar none. They have fans in every state and every country in the world.

    Secondly, you need to get your facts straight about the whole “buying championships” BS. 13 members of the current Yankees roster are home grown, 4 Tex, CC, AJ and Park were acquired through free agency, and the rest though trades,so again, YOU ARE WRONG!

    Also moron. the Yankees are in the largest market in the world and put the profits back in the team, unlike most franchises. The point about buying championships is moot.

    As far as Cliff Lee goes, read the articles on this site. The Yankees have been trying to get Lee for several years, going back to Cleveland. You say that ARod is not a tough player in your opinion, and the Yankees didn’t earn their title. Wow. They only beat two of the best teams in all of baseball last year, the Angels and the Twins, to earn the right to beat your teams ass. And I noticed that you had to resort to using a derisive term like “nasty guidos” when it came to describing NYC. Your the same type of disgraceful pig that thinks that NYC should just get over 911. Using a derisive expression like “Guido” shows what a low life you are piece of fish excrement you really are. I would love to meet you in person and have you say that to me, you ass clown. You’d be making an appointment to see a dentist the next day.

    As I said, and will continue to say, no one cares what you think. Keep posting all the garbage you want jerkoff, because I will be here waiting to answer your lies.

  18. FtheSkanks

    1.Bandwagon fans make up most of the Yankees fan base.

    2.What does 9/11 have to do with guidos? It didn’t just happen to New York it was a terrorist attack on America.Ever watch or hear of the Jersey Shore? All of those guidos are from New York.How is guido an offensive word when they lable themselves?

    3.Like I said you can have Cliff but do not expect much.He isn’t a good clubhouse guy from what I hear.I’m sure he and ARoid will be best friends.2 prima donnas.I wonder how many paintings ARod has of himself now? Do you know what Hollywood chick he is giving chylmidia to right now?

    I still stand by all my previous comments.

  19. Death To Red Sox Nation

    You can stand by whatever you want. And to some people who are Italaian like myself, Guido is derisive. Liek I said, I wopul dlove to get you alone and have you call me a guido. They’de be unplugging you from life support if that happpned, you pig.

    By the way Jackwad, I was at a Phillie/Mets game a few years ago and some jack ass Philadelphia fans told me to “get over” 9/11. Many Philly fans have used that terminology. Lee is actually considered to be a great clubhouse guy, so I don’t know where you get your info from. ARod is also a great clubhouse guy. Talk to some of the wrioters on the site like Jed and Frank Russo and they will tell you. the days of the divided Yankees cluhouse are over, so what you say is again all BS. ARod gets along great with Jeter and Posada and Cano and the newer guys like Tex, CC, AJ and Swisher. You don’t know what your talking about. And stop going after ARod just because he can get beaurtiful woman. It makes you look jealous and small. I wonder how many woman you;ve given syphilis to you dope.
    Jealousy will get you no where. One last thing. Didn’t you die already?