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Yankees 2010 Draft: Who Do You Want?

By Mike Silva ~ June 1st, 2010. Filed under: MLB Draft Coverage, Polls.

It’s virtually impossible to know how kids in the MLB amateur draft are going to turn out. Regardless, the internet has made kids famous even before they wear the uniforms of the Mets and Yankees.

One June 7th, the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft will commence and there are plenty of rumors about who the Yankees will pick.

On Saturday is mentioned West Virginia shortstop Jedd Gyorko and high school pitcher Tyrell Jenkins. As Moshe Mandel of The Yankees U points out three respected mock drafts conducted by Keith Law, Frank Piliere, and Baseball America have the Bombers selecting a different player.

Law mentions Jenkins, Piliere predicts Gyorko, and BA has them selecting Christian Yelich. For those that are not familar with Yelich, he is a high school 1b/OF described by John Klima of Baseball Beginnings one of the prettiest swings you’ll see from the left side.” He likens him to former big league firstbasemen Will Clark.

As NYBD contributor Jed Weisberger mentioned earlier today, the Yankees tend to take tons of risks with pitchers throughout the draft. This has been the philosophy under scouting director Damon Oppenheimer and I see no reason why it will change this year. That is why I expect the Yankees to go with Jenkins if he is available.

None of us our talent evaluators, but we still have a right to an opinion. Using the information you have on the three kids, who would you like to see the Yankees draft? I set up a vote below and have “other” as a choice. Give us some names outside of Jenkins, Yelich, and Gyorko that interest you.

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  1. Andrew Yankee Fan


    The other hs arm to watch for Zach Lee. Lee is considered a first round talent but a huge signability case because of a football scholarship to LSU (I believe). I’m hoping the yanks scoop him up in this year’s draft. Or perhaps your Mets will finally man up and take a risk pick like Lee later in the draft.

  2. Reggie C.

    I’ll play. Its going to be a high schooler. Its going to be a pitcher. The only exception that might tempt Opp & co. is James Paxton. i’d like either Jenkins or Lee, though i’d want Opp to be sure he could sign Lee away from his commitment. The big Q. though is if Lee would merit that kind of dough … think at least 3 million.

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