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Time to Minimize Fan Vote for All Star Game

By Mike Silva ~ May 26th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

The early returns for the 2010 MLB All Star Game were announced yesterday and it appears the fans in Philadelphia are at their ballot stuffing best. Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Placido Polanco, Jayson Werth, and (gasp) Shane Victorino would all start if the game were held today. At least the American League seemed a bit more reasonable.

Even the biggest Phillies fan must admit that only Werth and Utley deserve the spot. What would the outcry be if Jose Reyes, Ike Davis, and Angel Pagan were leading in the voting? That is essentially what the Phillies fans did. I must admit I have never seen 15 minutes of fame go to a fan bases head like this before and MLB can’t allow itself to be embarrassed in July by these people.

Since the All Star Game counts for home field there needs to be some changes. First, I love the fans, but many are (to be kind) forensically incapable of making good All Star selections. In an era where shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Jersey Shore, and American Idol are popular it’s fair to say that in depth analysis might be an opportunity for a large majority of the public. Of course, the fans pay the bills so they deserve a say, just not the final say. Therefore, I propose a weighted system:

Fan Vote: 25%

Players: 25%

BBWAA: 25%

MLB Executives: 25%

In that scenario the majority of individuals who understand who deserves the spot would drive the final results. If you want to have a “fan popularity award” and do some ceremony for the people’s choice that’s ok.

Am I surprised by this behavior? No. If you have seen the results of recent political elections you probably understand how capricious people are with their right to vote for anything.

Fortunately, voting for the MLB All Star Game is not a constitutional right and it’s about time we take that power away from the people.

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4 Responses to Time to Minimize Fan Vote for All Star Game

  1. LongtimeFan

    Good idea. Fan voting is a joke, and the biggest part of it is the MLB encouragement to “vote early and often” which also includes permission to vote up to 25 times. What a sham.

    Notice that MLB also prominntly encourages voting for each fan’s favorite team, whether the player is deserving or not. On each team’s website, MLB displays checkmark’s next to each player from that team who’s on the ballot.

  2. VoiceOfReason

    How can you write a “biased all-star voting” article without mentioning the most obvious team of them all – The Yankees? Mark Teixeira leading over who is the league’s MVP year-to-date Justin Morneau? Their seasons so far are not even in comparison. You can’t argue Cano’s votes, but Jeter and Andrus’ votes should be a lot closer than they are.

  3. Mike Silva

    I could at least swallow the whole Teixeira/Jeter thing, they have produced although the two you mention deserve consideration. However, the Philly nonsense is abhorrent

  4. malbillly

    Like your idea except where does the manager/coaches come in? Also, the fact that the leading American League 1st baseman in stats, Miguel Cabrera probably won’t make the team is a disgrace because of the fan ballot stuffing! This is the main reason I have been losing interest in baseball and especially the All-Star Game!

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