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Oswalt Would be a Risky Move For Mets

By Mike Silva ~ May 23rd, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, Rumor Mill.

Kevin Kernan of the NY Post suggested today that Roy Oswalt could be the missing piece that would turn around the Mets season. I agree with Kevin that Oswalt could change the dynamic of the Mets rotation and make them legitimate Wild Card contenders, but only with a caveat: Carlos Beltran.

It’s painfully obvious the Mets can’t compete for the playoffs without getting something from Carlos Beltran. I am not suggesting Beltran needs to be the player from 2006, but look at the production they have received from Jeff Francoeur and RF to date:


Why do I point out right field? Because I have my doubts about whether Beltran can physically meet the demands of centerfield. Angel Pagan may not be the defensive player that Carlos was in his heyday, but he continues to make improvements both offensively and defensively. I don’t see why Beltran can’t return to form offensively and improve on a very low bar. Even league average offense from Beltran would give this team a boost. You also have to assume Jason Bay, David Wright, and Jose Reyes will play up to their career norms. Not the best offense, but one that certainly can score enough in the National League.

That brings me to Oswalt and the pitching. I am comfortable with Hisanori Takahashi/R.A Dickey out of the fifth spot, but would prefer to deemphasize Jonathan Niese when he returns and bring in a legitimate top of the rotation starter. Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt would fit that bill, but Oswalt seems to be the more logical fit due to contract.

I have been talking about Oswalt with a baseball person close to the Astros situation. Despite the public claims that his situation won’t become a distraction I was told the team is growing tired of this saga in the locker room. A constant “Oswalt watch” will wear down any team. Right now it is no secret that Oswalt would welcome a trade from Houston because of the team’s situation. Essentially Oswalt has to pitch a shutout every night to win. Of course, the Mets aren’t in a much better position right now, but if Beltran returns that could change.

The risk is what you would give up for Oswalt. Remember, he is 32 years old and coming off an average year in 2009. Pitchers can decline rapidly in their thirties and you don’t want to give up top talent for damaged goods. Logic says the Mets taking on the $29 million owed to Oswalt and that would be enough. The Astros system is so bad they probably are going to want to receive something in return. Would you give up Fernando Martinez? Could you convince them to take a struggling prospect like Brad Holt? What if they want Jeurys Familia or Kyle Allen? It’s a tough call. You don’t want another Kazmir for Zambrano trade.

This is a deal that probably needs to wait until July. The Mets are going to have to find a way to hang around until Beltran returns. Jon Heyman indicated it could be late June, but logic says the All Star Break. That doesn’t give them much time to figure out if they are true contenders. A new manager might give them a boost, but ultimately the players have to produce to their normal levels if this thing is ever going to improve. A few things have to happen before the Oswalt conversation becomes even worth having. That time is certainly not now.

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6 Responses to Oswalt Would be a Risky Move For Mets

  1. RonOK

    Mike, I just don’t see the Mets going down the Oswalt path. Let”s start with the $33M he would be owed …. if that is n’t enough to convince people he will not be a Met, then I will continue.

    High-priced, often-injured and apparently unwilling to come to New York in the past, I think that there is almost no way he ever wears a Mets uniform.

    The Mets are in disarray …. Perez and Maine need to go at all costs, Matthews is putrid, the bullpen is wearing down before our eyes and the “Manuel Watch” distractions are already starting …. and if all this happened, who’s to say that the team’s performance would suddenly improve?

    I agree that this team needs Beltran back — a productive Carlos Beltran …. what if we get Beltran performance similar to the the Reyes performance?

    This team currenlty ooks more like F-Troop then a major league baseball team …. as dysfunctional as any Mets team I can remember — maybe 1993 …. why on God’s earth would Oswalt — who has stated he wants to join a contender — ever consent to coming here.

    It just does not add up.

  2. Shamik

    The Mets were extremely skittish about injury prone players this past offseason. I can’t imagine they would pursue Oswalt with all his back problems.

  3. Patrick

    Why wait? Push the envelope, the only players I would try to avoid trading are Kirk, Wilmer Flores and Meija. Everyone else should be game. Oswalt is not Zambrano.

  4. Christopher Masiello

    Could we all stop talking about Carlos Beltran riding over the hill on a white horse to save this team? It is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
    They’re also not going to spend another 20 or 30 million dollars.
    Here’s the deal: If Wright ever finds his stroke, Reyes gets his act together, Bay hits, and Maine or Perez snaps out of it, this team has an outside chance at relevancy.
    No trade is coming, Beltran is not going to pull a Willis Reed, and we all need to stop kidding ourselves.
    They’re going to live or die with this core.

  5. Steve

    In the last few weeks I’ve seen these words to describe the Mets organization/”brand”:


    This organization hit lows in 1979 and 1993, and is now close to a new one…

    Without new ownership, will anything change?? Who cares about Oswalt? Mike, there are better things to write about….

  6. Matt

    I think the Mets need to do it. They won’t out-bid the Yankees for Cliff Lee and Oswalt would definitely excel in the spacious Citi Field. Oswalt is 4-0 in the playoffs and would give Met fans a definite lift.

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