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Out Loud Thinking on Lee, Joba, Reyes, and Hanley Ramirez

By Mike Silva ~ May 20th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Last night I threw out this trade proposal on twitter:

Would you deal Jesus Montero and Joba Chamberlain to Seattle for Cliff Lee? After three plus years of fans holding on to Joba like fine china, these are the responses I received:

chucksax: with a contract extension, yes, I’d trade them both!

EvilEmpireNYY: I would drive them to Seattle

JeffSchiffman:In a heart beat.

jhalpin37: No chance. Montero alone not worth 3-4 months of Lee. Yanks 2nd in AL in ERA anyway – why panic?

TheRealHoov: As a Mariner follower, I don’t like that deal at all

rjpisciotti59: Would have done it before Joba meltdown….but we would have to sign him

Small sample size, but it appears the fans are finally realizing that Joba’s greatest asset to the Yankees would be the value he could gain in a deal. Another team would surely see the “potential” and perhaps he would thrive in a different environment with less pressure and expectations. Personally I believe Joba’s lack of maturity, which was outlined by Joel Sherman yesterday, will ultimately make him a heartbreaker. As for Montero, although is the organizations best prospect he too has disappointed this season. He came into camp overweight and now is sulking when slumping for the first time in his career. Yes, he is very young, but with Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine, J.R. Murphy, and Gary Sanchez there is more than enough catching depth. Many in the organization are split about whether Montero can catch and you can only justify holding on to him as a DH if he puts up Edgar Martinez type numbers. Is that a risk worth taking when you could acquire a top arm now?

You can never have enough pitching and there have been rumblings about the Yankees wanting Lee since the offseason. Why not go into the postseason with a foursome of Sabathia, Lee, Pettitte, and Burnett. You could put Hughes in the bullpen in that scenario and scare the heck out of any team in a short series. CC and Cliff Lee would be an awesome one/two punch for the next 5 years.

A Change of Scenery for Hanley?

Although reports out of Florida are the Marlins have no plans to trade Hanley Ramirez, the incident with the manager is always the first sign that a star is becoming unhappy with his surroundings. Here is a question for Mets fans: would you trade Jose Reyes Jenrry Mejia and/or Wilmer Flores for Hanley Ramirez? What about David Wright straight up? I might consider the first one. With the right environment and manager Ramirez, already a star, might be even better. Imagine what numbers he could put up if engaged 100% of the time, something that has been in question while playing in Florida. The Mets may need to do something to change the face of the team in the near future, why not trade one of the young stars for Ramirez? I like the thought of Wright and Ramirez on the left side of the infield. Remember, the emergence of Angel Pagan might make it easier to trade Reyes and slide him into the leadoff spot.

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2 Responses to Out Loud Thinking on Lee, Joba, Reyes, and Hanley Ramirez

  1. Andrew Yankee Fan

    I would not do the trade you proposed Mike. I am however willing to deal Joba because the yankees are wasting his talent in the bullpen, and he should be in AAA right now working out the kinks; because his struggles from last year have carried over, despite the role change. I beginning to wonder if his shoulder injury from 2008 still has not fully recovered because since walking off the mound that day, he is not been the same.

    With Montero, despite his struggles this year I am very hesistant to trade up to 6 years of control of him for 2 months of Lee. We have to remember he is only 20 years old, and he’s been hitting a little better as of late. It’s probably good for his development that he has struggled for the first time in his career at AAA instead of cruising through the minors and then hitting a roadblock for the first time in the majors. I do wonder however if he is still feeling the effects of his wrist injury from last year.

  2. nck

    Wright STRAIGHT UP for HR??? Drugs kill your brain.
    If Florida traded Ram for Wright straight up, the few fans would run them out of town.

    Really, are you on drugs??? Wright. DAVID Wright? At this time, he isn’t even AN ALLSTAR, and you think you can get HR for him straight up……AMAZING.

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