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Philly Still Trying to be New York

By Mike Silva ~ May 7th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

It’s no secret the city of Philadelphia has an inferiority complex to New York. While New Yorker’s have numerous opportunities to enjoy a city with a plethora of sports, arts, and other cultural entertainment, Philadelphia has cheese steaks, a cracked bell, and the Phillie Phanatic. For years the town rallied around a fictitious character played by Sylvester Stallone. It’s the equivalent of New Yorkers putting up statues of Spike Lee. Of course, everyone has their 15 minutes of fame as the Phillies have brought pride to the city with three division titles, two pennants, and a World Series the last three years. This has led to this drivel of a statement over at Lehigh Valley Live (home of a minor league team called the IronPigs. I kid you not).

After a typical “Yankees buy their titles” taunt from Phillies fan coreyole, ksmooth responded:

Maybe your pitchers should learn to pitch in pressure situations. I’m sure (Cole Hamels) will face something a little more pressurized in the world series than one of his own fans running on the field. Typical Philly fan. And by the way the Phillies payroll is climbing pretty fast. They just shelled out another $125 mil to pay Howard and Doc Halladay is making 20 mil a year. Don’t hate us just because you’re trying to be us. Go Yanks!

Perhaps the two teams have a lot more in common than Phillies’ fans would like to admit.

Do you think the Phillies have become the new Yankees? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

To put the Phillies even in the same sentence as the 27 time champions is a joke. Yankees fans, for all their faults, don’t behave in the low class manner of the citizens of Philadelphia. A friend of mine went to Game 2 of the World Series last year at the Stadium. A drunken Phillies fan challenged a bathroom of Yankees fans to a fight and because the 30 or so patrons ignored him he questioned their sexuality. Who goes into opposing stadiums and does this? There never has been a pleasant time at the ballpark when the Mets play the Phillies because groups of trash always find a way to stop by and act up. Are there good Phillies fans? I am sure, but I have a feeling the “taser kid” is a pretty good example of the fan base.

The inferiority of New York extends to the field. How else could you explain Jimmy Rollins bringing up the Mets during their victory parade (if you want to call it that) back in 2008? I never heard the Yankees acknowledge their opponent while they had a real parade down the Canyon of Heroes. The Phillies have a nice team that was built by Pat Gillick. You already see them returning to form under Amaro with their decision to give out a ridiculous contract to Ryan Howard. Their core will begin to break up after the season as Jayson Werth will find employment elsewhere (maybe the Yankees), so this year could be the last hurrah.

Newsflash Philly: New Yorkers don’t care about you or your city. This mini dynasty could be just as much attributed to the Mets, who played lousy down the stretch in 07 and 08, than your accomplishments. Think about it, if not for a collapse you wouldn’t have made the playoffs in 2007, Charlie Manuel gets fired, and perhaps you break up your core. Even in victory it was New York that needed to give you an assist. Perhaps your lifelong punishment is always being looked down at by New York because of the fact you take more enjoyment in the failure of the opposition than victory by your own team.

Hey, at least the Phillie Phanatic makes me laugh, but the statues across town are bizarre to say the least. Second rate mentality, second rate city, and certainly second rate fans. That is your legacy and always will be. No trophy case or banners by the local sports teams will ever change that.

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8 Responses to Philly Still Trying to be New York

  1. Frankie

    I have some friends in Philly and they have told me if you are ever in Philly they will hunt you down. They have already been given the hunting rifle from Charlie himself.

    Mike I agree, Philly fans , from young to old are not nice. In 1988 I went to a Mets/Phils in Philadelphia and this little old lady looked at me and said: ” John Kruk is almost as fat as you”. Enough said about the ” second rate ” city.

  2. doubleh

    To say that New Yorkers never behave in the same manner is a fallacy. You keep believing that you are better than everyone else, because it’s the only way to stop society from actually progressing. You need Philly to be your villain because it makes you feel better.

    I admit that a very vocal minority of Philly fans get some sort of kick out of this reputation and I guess figure if they can’t fight it, they might as well revel in it–but it is not he majority of the fanbase as you say. But true change cannot occur unless we attempt to focus on the positive things that actually happen–and there are many–rather than focusing on the dipshits like Taser Boy, who are only out for the 15 minutes of fame and don’t represent me or my toddler son in any way, shape or form.

    And tell me one thing: what exactly is wrong with attempting to be like the NY Yankees? They will never catch up, for sure, but there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be the best. Isn’t that what we teach our children? (BTW, the Mets are their own worst enemy and were only tangentially involved in the Phillies rise to success. They did not give them anything and is only a sentiment steeped in bitterness coming from a NY fan. That’s like saying the Giants only won the SB a few years ago because the Eagles sucked. What an insult that would be to NY.)

  3. Mets fan in Philly

    I wouldn’t call Philly a second rate city… it actually has a lot going for it. This from a former New Yorker who now resides down here.

    However, the sports fans in this city are just terrible. I went to one of the recent Mets/Phillies games down here and saw at least 5 fights and saw countless Met fans berated by Phillies fans. Just disgusting. Funny thing is, as a Met fan, I hate the Yankees and Braves much more than the Phillies. Go figure.

  4. Cormican

    “The inferiority of New York”

    Lol, I love unintentional self pwnings.

  5. Steve M

    Cormican, what’s a “pwning?”

  6. Manic Monkey

    This is why I’m a Mets fan. Yankees fans get caught up in melodramatic bull($%^ that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

  7. John

    “This is why I’m a Mets fan. Yankees fans get caught up in melodramatic bull($%^ that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.”

    Yeah manic monkey….like winning. Always is fun to have a mess fan talking about the Yankees. Talk about an inferiority complex lol.

  8. jpdtrmpt72

    ouch. seriously. that was just mean spirited and brutal. was there a reason that you posted this? i mean, you’re just comming off as a dickface. really, this is like worse then anything your typical philly fan will do to you. I mean, seriously, why? was there a point behind this other than to make people mad? cause, thats just kinda pathetic. and wasn’t it the giants fans that asked the saints where their swimmies were right after katrina? didn’t a mets fan kill his mother because his team lost? a fan in oakland tossed a cherry bomb at a little kid, and burned his leg. royals coach tom gabona was assalted by two fans who ran onto the field.

    douchebags are everywhere. there is no need to be a prick and attack a whole city like that. douchebag. he’s a better written article that says the same kind of stuff.


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