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37% Chance of Sports Illustrated Jinx

By Mike Silva ~ May 7th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Derek Jeter didn’t even know there was such a thing as the Sports Illustrated jinx, saying the “last time he was on the cover was before Game 6 of the World Series, so there is your jinx.” Well, what Jeter should know is that appearing on the famous sports magazine’s cover isn’t guaranteed to cause an athlete harm, but according to a former employee you have a 37% chance of something bad happening.

A caller who claimed to have worked for SI and researched this topic called Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts yesterday. He claims to have researched every cover in the history of the magazine and came to the conclusions that 37% of the time something bad happens to the cover story. This isn’t a small sample size as there are thousands of covers for a magazine that was launched in 1954.

Sure, the Yankees have been mostly immune to the jinx, but individuals such as Ron Blomberg, Yogi Berra, Billy Martin, and Dave Winfield have appeared on the cover and had unfortunate sports incidents happen. Late in 2006, Alex Rodriguez appeared on the cover and went on to have a terrible postseason against Detroit (1 for 14). In other words, it can even happen to the great Yankees.

Look across town. In June of 2007 Omar Minaya appeared on the cover of SI with John Maine, El Duque, Endy Chavez, Oliver Perez, and Willie Randolph. Look at what happened shortly thereafter to the Mets and those individuals. The 2006 Mets appeared on the cover in July of 2006 to the headline “Welcome to Rip City” and we know what happened that October. Even Mike Piazza wasn’t immune. He appeared on the late August of 2000 cover and hit .222 the rest of the season. Again, there is precedent.

So now the Yankees are faced with an Andy Pettitte injury and a creaky Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada just a week after they appeared on the cover with Jeter. The “core four” was lauded for their contributions to the Yankees and playing together so long. For a while I have been questioning how much longer we can expect this aging core to perform at a high level. Eventually the expiration date will come. Perhaps Sports Illustrated expedited the process, or at least there is a 37% chance it did.

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1 Response to 37% Chance of Sports Illustrated Jinx

  1. Viper

    You can’t be serious. Do people actually believe in this hocus pocus nonsense?

    That’s pretty sad.

    Both Posada and Rivera will be available tonight. Girardi rested them extra days because he could afford to. Those guys would have been out there if this was October.

    Pettitte will most likely miss one start. Probably nothing beyond that.

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