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Where’s Joba? Better Chance of Finding Waldo

By Mike Silva ~ May 5th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

When I saw Boone Logan enter the Yankees game this afternoon I started to fumble through the box score because I didn’t think Joba Chamberlain had pitched. As the game went from 7-3 to a precarious 7-5 first Boone Logan, then Alfredo Aceves, was summoned to save the day. I could say this is a snapshot of life for the Yankees post Mariano, but they have their heir apparent to Mo in Joba Chamberlain. Just when I was started to feel good about Joba and his role in the bullpen, the Yankees ruined it today and didn’t give the kid an opportunity to “save the series” against the Orioles. Just like kids play “Where’s Waldo?” I started to wonder “Where’s Joba?”

Apparently three consecutive days for the Yankees prized pitching prospect is too much. I almost could understand not wanting to push a reliever three days until I looked at Chamberlain’s game logs. If there are any old time pitchers in the audience please try not to laugh:

April 28th: .1 innings and 3 pitches

April 30th: .2 innings and 5 pitches

May 3rd: 1 inning and 16 pitches

May 4th: 1 inning and 15 pitches

Before the April 28th outing Chamberlain pitched on the 23rd when he threw 20 pitches during his inning in Anaheim. Essentially Joba Chamberlain has thrown 39 pitches since April 23rd, yet he couldn’t be called on to save today’s game. Not even for one batter, nothing. How in the world can this be possible? Am I living in an alternate universe? Is Joba Chamberlain made of something special that doesn’t allow him to be used like other pitchers? Someone needs to explain this to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating the overuse of a bullpen (see Jerry Manuel and the Mets) or blaming Joba Chamberlain. I am pointing the finger squarely at Joe Girardi, Dave Eiland, and Brian Cashman who have ruined this kid as a starter and are now doing it again out of the bullpen. What’s the point of having a talented pitcher if he never throws? When will Joba be on the same regiment as every other baseball player? This is borderline absurd. The amazing part is I had fans rationalize the decision to me and saying I am the idiot. Really? What if the bullpen blew this game? Are you ok with throwing away certain victory because you’re the Yankees and can afford to lose? Are wins so easy that none are worth cherishing? When will winning become more important than the development of Joba Chamberlain? It wasn’t in 2009 and it appears nothing has changed in 2010.

The Yankees dodged a bullet today, just like they did with their ridiculous statement regarding CC Sabathia and his pitch count during the Tampa no hitter. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe Joba got camouflaged in that bullpen just like Waldo in the children’s game. Maybe I am the idiot for speaking out about something so obviously lame that it’s too criminal to ignore. Maybe we are now living in an alternate universe. I just have one question: 7-5 lead in the ninth inning and where’s Joba? At this point I probably have a better chance of finding Waldo.

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11 Responses to Where’s Joba? Better Chance of Finding Waldo

  1. TT

    Mike has a hard time realizing a good manager protects his bullpen and doesn’t over use anyone. He watches torre n Manuel too much

  2. Viper

    It’s obvious you like taking pointless cheap shots at Joba as often as possible.

    But if you bothered to pay attention to Girardi’s bullpen philosophy the last few years, he doesn’t like using ANYONE out of the pen for three consecutive games.

    It’s not simply limited to Joba. Girardi has said as such many times that he tries to avoid using any of his relievers for three days in a row.

  3. Mike Silva

    Here is the point: are all 3 consecutive outings created equal? I am not a pitching coach, but the current history tells me he could do it. I can’t see the harm. Plus here is the kicker: tomorrow is an OFF DAY!

    So you all are telling me you’re ok with blowing a game today?

  4. TT

    Did they blow it mike? Isn’t this why u have a deep pen? I think girardi has been top notch in his pen usage. Keeping everyone fresh. U apparently prescribe to the torre pen school.

  5. TT

    And how r they ruining him? They tried him as a starter and got him to aalmost 200 inn and they win the series. They figured out he was better as a reliever and that’s where he is. Stop making it seem like they screwed joba up and he’s in Scranton because he can’t get anyone out. He’s prob the best set up man in the AL. Have some perspective

  6. Viper

    Girardi never uses any of his relievers, including Mo, for three consecutive days. He is the complete opposite of Torre in that regard.

    You can agree with that philosophy or disagree with it. But that’s what Girardi does because he wants to protect ALL of his relievers and sticks to it.

    And it makes you sound like a fool for taking an uninformed and unnecessary shot at Joba.

    My only issue with Girardi is that he does too much LaRussa-esque mixing and matching.

    He should have let Mitre go another inning and stop burning pitchers for one hitter all the time.

  7. TT

    Mikes shots at jobs r becoming tiresome and just flat out stupid. Ur embarrassing yourself mike

  8. geek

    I closely watched Joba pitch his last 3 outings. He is not steady or consistent. Wild pitch then followed by a blazing fast ball for a strike. He has been good enough to win but not once did I say to myself he clearly should be a starter. Perhaps he might mature but right now my sense is to let him gain confidence and at some point give him a start.

  9. Stu Baron

    You all need to have some perspective – Joba may not be good enough to be the closer after Rivera…

  10. Viper

    Baron needs some perspective given the topic at hand and how Silva didn’t realize the only reason Joba didn’t pitch yesterday is due to Girardi’s “nobody throws three days in a row” philosophy.

    Nobody here argued whether Joba was fit or not to be Mo’s heir apparent. And frankly, nobody cares since Mo isn’t retiring anytime soon.

    Stick to your Mets. Your team has enough issues.

  11. Stu Baron

    Neither the Mets nor the Yankees belong to me, Viper…

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