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How is Bacsik Different From Carton?

By Mike Silva ~ April 29th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Sports Media Commentary.

Former Mets pitcher Mike Bacsik was fired from his job on a 1310 The Ticket in Dallas due to remarks on Twitter about Mexican Americans. Using the term “dirty Mexican” clearly was bad judgment by Bacsik, especially in lieu of the current political climate, but why do radio stations fire individuals like Bacsik, while Craig Carton is still on the air? Why do these corporations claim “family values,” but chuckle as someone like Carton calls women broads and slanders the starting shortstop for the New York Mets, just years after he did the same to Eric Lindros of the Flyers? Why the selectivity when it’s clear a situation will undoubtedly occur?

I realize Bacsik did this on Twitter, his own personal account mind you, versus Carton who insults people over 50,000 watts daily. If any of us used that type of commentary on our private Twitter accounts would we lose our job? What did Bacsik’s commentary about Mexican American’s have to do with his radio job? He didn’t say it on the air, but in the comfort of his own home. Someone like Craig Carton makes it a point to embarrass people publicly.

The bottom line is radio, and corporate America, are selective in their ethics. If CBS Radio had any guts they would have never hired Craig Carton who, according to Diversity Inc., offended Latino’s “when he and co-host Ray Rossi started a listener-participation game called Operation Rat a Rat/La Cucha Gotcha. The game encouraged people to turn in friends, neighbors and “anyone suspicious” to immigration authorities. Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo of Newark, N.J., called the campaign a “publicity stunt” that could potentially incite violence against Latinos.” Who committed the more egregious act? Read the entire Diversity article about Carton and tell me if you feel comfortable listening to the WFAN morning show while you drive your kids to school? Does anyone honestly think Carton did that bit a a public good or to further his radio career?

Of course, CBS is quoted in that same Diversity Inc. article as saying he was hired because his shows quickly become an “energetic and irreverent ratings hit.” In one sentence they won’t tolerate discrimination, the next they hire a guy who made his career on just that. Does this make sense? This is the same industry that tried to fire Howard Stern, actually attempting to turn him into another Don Imus (another individual fired), because he was too controversial. You want to know what would get tons of attention on NYBD? Pornography, but I don’t put nude pictures of women painted in Mets and Yankees colors because it’s the immoral thing to do. Of course, if you tune into WFAN on a given morning, you will hear Carton exploit some women at any given time.

You know who the real people who should be fired? Radio executives, for their discriminatory practices and inconsistent tolerance of certain individuals versus others. Would they have fired Bacsik if CNN didn’t pick this up? Would Don Imus be fired if the NAACP didn’t cause a stir? What a bunch of phonies. Better yet, this type of behavior is called discrimination in my world, exactly what they felt Bacsik was doing.

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8 Responses to How is Bacsik Different From Carton?

  1. Benne

    Mike, I think you write oddball commentary a lot of the time, but I have to agree with you about Carton. Not only is the moron offensive but he’s so numbingly juvenile at the same time. Listening to Carton for 30 minutes makes you feel like your IQ level has dropped 50 points. Carton talks like a bratty arrogant boy in grade school. And this is too bad because Esiason is pretty good. I feel bad for him that his sidekick is such a jerk. If Esiason had a decent partner, I’d listen to that show regularly. Right now it’s a chore trying to listen to Carton’s schtick.

    If a talk show host is going to be irreverent, at least he should have some redeeming wit and intelligence. Carton has none. What a sad excuse he is for a NY sports show host.

  2. Anony

    So what exactly did Carton say that was discriminatory? You didn’t point out anything on the same level as what Bascik or Imus said. And the Lindros thing — Carton was correct the whole time! He was vindicated! Don’t talk about it as slander, because if the morons at NYBD somehow heard that David Wright not being in the starting lineup was caused by going out drinking the night before, surely it would be posted.

    Just admit what this is — jealousy. Jealousy that you think you could do a better job than these WFAN guys. Jealousy that you work hard to get hard-hitting interviewees like Brent Mayne and some guy who wrote some book no one cares about while they are on air at the biggest sports radio station in the country. It’s pathetic and transparent.

  3. Mike Silva

    Hi James K or should I say Anony. I guess you would know something about jealousy eh?

  4. Mike Silva

    Let me also be clear in this thread (knowing the FANcave is reading)

    1. I make decent money and there is no “jealousy” about losing out on the opportunity to get paid $100 for a shift of updates at WFAN. I live quite well doing this gig the way I do it now. If things change economically in radio and the exploitation ends then perhaps my tune will change. I don’t live in my mom’s house like some employed in radio.

    2. For the resource we have (money, brand, etc) I have had guests that do range from Brent Mayne to Ron Darling, Rick Peterson, and Darryl Strawberry. Many of my guests have been on my show before WFAN. Until I started slamming them on this site, most shows sat around and took calls, is that really hard to do? Is that really enlightening?

    There are very few (worthwhile) guests that FAN gets that I can’t. If you understood the product then you might know why a Brent Mayne is a great guest in which you can learn from. Of course, that would mean you understand baseball, which is dubious regarding the source of that comment.

    As for the comments from the anonymous “blogger” perhaps you could expand your horizons, pick up a phone, and start to talk to people in the industry in order to complement your outstanding analytic term paper type analysis.

    Not meant to be snarky, just a friendly suggestion,

  5. Benne

    Carton obviously has his defenders but it’s a complete mystery to me. Listening to him, I often feel like someone is rubbing sandpaper against the inside of my ears. He’s the most annoying personality on the FAN — even more annoying than Francessa (I’m a Mets fan). With Francessa, one just learns to ignore anything he says about the Mets as he’s so biased. I can appreciate the other things Francessa has to say. But Carton is annoying all the time no matter what he’s talking about. Both what he says and how he says it (his whiny voice) are so grating.

  6. atom

    what needs to happen is people standing up and calling for his removal from the airways. if you get enough people to boycott then his removal will be necssary especially if you start to boycott the stations advertisers. You got to hurt them in the pocket book.

  7. Steve M

    Somebody has a real hard-on for Carton…

  8. JB

    wonder if Bacsik woulda gotten fired for saying the F word on the air….

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