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Why A-Rod Annoys Others

By Mike Silva ~ April 24th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

I wasn’t going to weigh in on the A-Rod/Dallas Braden fiasco, but since we received record hits for Frank’s piece yesterday, its obvious people are interested in the conversation.

If you didn’t read it, Frank gave historical perspective about situations where the exact same thing happened. Throughout the day people were trying to find the “unwritten rule” about staying off the pitcher’s mound. From what I understand most pros don’t seem to know about that rule, although many who have spent time in the amateur ranks agreed with Braden. Regardless, the bigger question is why does this happen to A-Rod?

I think Braden felt he was disrespected by A-Rod because he is Dallas Braden. Do you think Rodriguez would have done the same thing to Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, or Randy Johnson in their prime? Probably not. That in of itself is the problem. Anytime there is an incident with A-Rod it appears to be against a “no name” on the opposing club. Even though Bronson Arroyo is a name now, he was far from that in 2004 during the “purse slap” ALCS incident. The other two major ones are Braden and the kid, Howie Clark, he hollered at in Toronto. It’s almost makes you say why don’t you pick on someone in your All Star class.

There is a certain amount of jealousy towards Rodriguez. He makes a ton of money and dates stars. He is what I would call a “Page Six” athlete. No one else can match him because the other guy that could (Jeter) chooses to stay private. In my opinion, A-Rod’s narcissism is part of what drives him to be great. All athletes have a certain level of self centeredness in them. Does that make him a bad people? I think it comes as part of the pro athlete territory. If David Eckstein did the same thing I doubt Braden would have made as big a deal.

It’s important to note that A-Rod isn’t all bad. There are plenty of examples of him spending time in Miami working out with players from his alma mater. He doesn’t have any obligation to do that. He also, by all accounts, is an articulate guy that seems interesting to talk to. I remember hearing him interviewed by Cal and Billy Ripken on XM Radio and it seemed like a completely different person. He was amongst his own in that environment and showed a comfort level. Switch places with the guy and you probably would behave in similar ways if you had his looks, money, and social status. In the end he suffers from poor judgment and, unlike most others, is going to be called out because of who he is.

I don’t think Braden was completely out of line. He needs to have an “edge” when going against a great lineup like the Yankees and perhaps he used that situation to send a message. Give him credit for not backing down from a star. On the other hand, he better be ready for a potential rematch with the Yanks (if it happens) and stay consistent when he faces them in the Bronx. It’s one thing to do it in the obscurity of Oakland, but try taking on the Bombers in their backyard at the Stadium. If he does, kudos, I wish him luck. If he doesn’t, then he looks just as small as Rodriguez for the antics.

In the end this is much to do about nothing and more a result of the Yankees giving the media and blogs little press to talk about. Although a few more Joba outings like last night and we could take out that punching bag again.

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5 Responses to Why A-Rod Annoys Others

  1. Stu Baron

    actually, he works out with players from his alma mater…

  2. Carson

    A-Rod didn’t go to college but he does work out at the University of Miam with minor league and major league players.

    He does much more good than the media would ever report. He has given millions of dollars to medical programs for children in the NY area, he’s built a learning center and baseball field at the Boys and Girls Club in Miami, he has been working with the Hooten Foundation and a member of congress speaking with schools about the negatives of steroid use and he sponsors little league programs in the Bronx to name a few of his charitable works.

    Instead, the media is more interested in telling us how he should be more like Jeter. Maybe he’s more like Jeter than people know.

  3. Mike Silva


    Using the term alma mater was very loose, he signed a letter of intent but never went there. You make great points about his off the field endeavors. Again, its his “Page Six” nature that bothers people because, unlike Jeter, he doesn’t do a good job of staying private. Although I have my doubts about how “great a guy” Jeter is off the field.

  4. Lisa from Subway Squawkers

    “I think Braden felt he was disrespected by A-Rod because he is Dallas Braden. Do you think Rodriguez would have done the same thing to Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, or Randy Johnson in their prime? Probably not. That in of itself is the problem.”

    But that goes both ways. If Derek Jeter or Joe Mauer had done the same thing, you think Braden would have thrown such a hissy? The answer is no – he knows Rodriguez is an easy target.

    Did you see what Chipper Jones and Tim Hudson said? They both said Braden was the one in the wrong. Hudson even said that Braden drank too much coffee or something that day!

  5. Mike Silva

    I really don’t think there is any “wrong” in the situation. As I said during the intimidation and disrespect piece it could be Braden’s way of trying to get an edge. It seems the amateur players and coaches have more of a problem with it than the pros. Of course, there is tons of glad handing in pro sports today so that makes sense.

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