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Keep The Head Up There is Hope

By Mike Silva ~ April 9th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

Sitting in an empty Citi Field last night reminded me how disengaged the Mets fan base has become. What should have been a nightly sellout, or near sellout, of a ballpark that was long overdue has become a mausoleum in short time. With the early morning rain today, I can’t see tonight being much different, as a matter of fact, it could be worse. Before you write off the 2010 Mets and prepare for NFL training camps, remember there will be be reasons to get excited about this Mets team – win or lose because of some of the kids.

Last night Ike Davis got two hits and Tobi Stoner pitched a strong 3 plus innings. I suspect the Mike Jacobs/Fernando Tatis era might not last much past Mother’s Day if things go according to plan. Even though John Maine’s velocity is down Tobi Stoner could very well step in and give the Mets the 6 innings/3 runs they will need to at least compete. If you get tired of Sean Green, Ryota Igarashi, or Jenrry Mejia (predictably) proves he needs seasoning, Bobby Parnell should ably slide in their place. Just a year ago we were raving about his 100 mph at Fenway Park, until the Mets got a bright idea to make him a starter. I haven’t even mentioned Fernando Martinez yet.

Howard thought this year would be a bridge to 2011. I still think we may see this team compete for the Wild Card on the peripherals when Reyes and Beltran return to the lineup. Add Ike Davis to that mix and it’s a lot better than what was fielded last night. The starting rotation is a concern, but they won with far less in 2006. I see many similarities to 2005, but without the Pedro “event starts” to pacify the fan base.

There is reason for concern and it’s your prerogative to be negative the entire season. There are still the issues with the GM and manager, but there is, unlike prior seasons, reinforcements on the way that could be far better than what is currently there. That is good to know.

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3 Responses to Keep The Head Up There is Hope

  1. Shamik

    That 06 rotation had all stars in Glavine and Pedro, long time vets in El Duque and Trachsel, and an incredibly strong bullpen. I hardly think that you can compare that pitching staff to this year’s.

  2. RonOK

    ^ Thanks Shamik … you responded just as I would.

    To say the 2006 rotation is comparable to the 2010 rotation is just silly. To comapre the 2006 bullpen to the 2010 bullpen is a joke.

    Mke, if Bletran comes back by May 15, he will have missed 36 games already …. the most he could possibly play would be 136 — and what about days off given he will be back from injury? Let’s face it, with Jacobs/Tatis/Murphy at 1B, Castillo at 2B, Pagan/Matthews in CF and Maine-Perez-Pelfrey in the rotation with a horrible bullpen, this just isn’t a competitive team.

    The Mets are either stars or slugs.

    I commend you for being an enternal optimist …. frankly I would say your dillusional or oin denial about what the ultimate potential of this team is.

    I don’t particularly like this comment in your post ….

    ” … there is reason for concern and it’s your prerogative to be negative the entire season …”

    …. I have said numerous times here that what you appear to view as negative, I view as being realistic.

  3. R U Kidding

    Prospects are something to watch,something to hang our hats on but most aren’t that good. Stoner has never graded out very high,probably a bullpen guy. Tejada is probably a reserve. Holt is already injured and has yet to produce in Double A. Mejia is highlly regarded but likewise hasn’t produced at even Double A. Martinez and Davis are the top prospects but are they 20 hr. guys or just average starting players at power positions. None is an elite (top 25) probably won’t miss prospect.

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