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Good News! Yanks Will Play Long Games

By Mike Silva ~ April 7th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

No, it’s not the mound meetings, but the type of patient lineup Brian Cashman has assembled.

On Sunday they worked Josh Beckett and had him at 94 pitches in less than five innings. Last night Jonathan Lester had 94 pitches in exactly 5 innings. These are two of the top American League pitchers, could you imagine what they will do to some of the middle of the road types? This is why, if healthy, Nick Johnson fits the lineup like a glove and is the perfect #2 hitter.

It’s only fitting that last night’s go ahead run was produced on a walk by Nick Johnson. Again, not to beat a point to death, but this is how a team scores runs even when the offense isn’t clicking. Don’t blame mound conferences or the Red Sox for this because this is the type of games you probably will see all season – and you should be happy about that!

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3 Responses to Good News! Yanks Will Play Long Games

  1. MetsKnicksRutgers

    We really really needed Nick Johnson, he woulda been perfect for us at 1B and he signed a one year deal for pretty cheap. Direct correlation between OBP and runs scored. Yanks are gonna score a ton.

  2. Viper

    So how is this philosophy different than the teams the Yanks assembled last season and pretty much every Yankee team since the mid to late 90s?

    That’s how Cashman assembles his teams every year. The Yanks play the longest games in the major leagues for reason and it’s been that way for years. It’s not just happenstance.

  3. Mike Silva

    That is true, but I think this team takes it to a different level. I guess the stats will prove it otherwise, but Nick Johnson in the #2 hole might increase games by 20 minutes!!

    Everyone is blaming the mound visits and Boston series, but this is what the Yankees will be doing all year.

    Boston can have their run differential, give me guys that get on base.

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