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Steve Phillips Gets New Gig at WFAN

By Mike Silva ~ March 29th, 2010. Filed under: Sports Media Commentary.

Yours truly predicted this back on February 26th.

In an attempt to grow ratings, and more importantly improve the content, WFAN will have Steve Phillips on weekly to discuss baseball with Mike Francesa (As per the Sports Pope on today’ show).

Its clear Francesa needs a sidekick, but his ego will not allow it.

Maybe Mark Chernoff and WFAN are finally listening to the critiques from sites like this. Unfortunately, forward thinking and imagination do not appear to be Chernoff’s forte as a radio executive. This kind of move is the exception, not the rule, as its far easier to play politics and rationalize radio ratings instead of building the brand like ESPN does.

Will this help ratings? Initially perhaps. Hopefully Phillips left his anti Mets stance at ESPN. I will be interested to hear him critique current topics and maybe share more stories about his days as General Manager of the Mets.

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10 Responses to Steve Phillips Gets New Gig at WFAN

  1. Tom Mudaprade

    everyone should have an anti-Mets stance right now.
    until the Coupons sell this team, there will be no winning.

  2. pricedout

    How about giving credit to Keane for the tip? You were quick enough to credit yourself for the prediction. http://twitter.com/kranepool/status/11269412965

  3. astoriametsfan

    “Maybe Mark Chernoff and WFAN are finally listening to the critiques from sites like this. ” Yeah…whatever. Hubris.

  4. RonOK

    I’ll bet that the recent lenghty in-studio interview that Francesa did with Phillips a few weeks back was an on-air audition for this.

    Frankly, I could care either way since I spend more time in Florida now than NJ and unless I am anchored at home, I don’t listen to WFAN anymore.

  5. ratings

    maybe you arent paying attention but mike doesnt need ratings. he is always number one and you should know that. and ronok you can listen to wfan online. you clowns are fools. take it for what it is. its not a big deal

  6. tony

    Steve Phillips knows more about baseball than Francesa is fat . The man deserves a chance . He lost money from his contract, Tiger who had 30 affairs lost nothing . The only persons ho knows sports on FAN (Certainly not that clown Somers ) is Evan Roberts
    and Beningo

  7. RonOK

    For what it’s worth, I realize I can listen to WFAN online — however, you need to be in a position where you have your computer available … since most of my time during the mid day is either in an office or in a car, WFAN is not available to me in FL … hence my comment that “unless I am anchored at home, I don’t listen to WFAN anymore.”

    I guess in yoiur hast to hurl insults you missed that.

    As for the “you clowns are fools” comment — I assure you that if we were in a room together you would think twice about saying that to me …. at 6’4″ and 225 lbs, I would welcome the chance for you to say it to my face.

    It’s easy for a coward to hide behind a virtual internet wall and hurl insults …. have a great day.

  8. BunsonBurner

    Well Ron…..I think you got your answer to that! That was a classic one I like it!

  9. Michael S.

    One’s talking sports, the others gettin hard as he can… It’s mike and the horn-dog on the fan!

  10. UncleMario

    Well done Ron in handling that Francesa fanboy. Just remind me not to get on your bad side.

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