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Figueroa May Be Headed North- Mejia Out?

By Mike Silva ~ March 26th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

In a move that surprises me a great deal, Marty Noble reports that Nelson Figueroa may have secured a spot on the roster out of the bullpen. It appears that Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen view him as a “staff saver” who can eat innings. On a staff with so many question marks he will have an opportunity to make an impact. I can see Figueroa filling a role like a Darren Oliver or Pat Mahomes did in prior seasons.

If Figueroa makes the team what does the bullpen look like? We still don’t know if Manuel will go with 12 pitchers when the dust settles. If seven relievers are brought north the bullpen (today) could look like:


Yes, I can see a scenario where Figueroa’s presence foreshadows Mejia not making the team. This primarily is due to the fact that Fernando Nieve is out of options and I assume that Calero doesn’t need some time to get ready in extended spring training (something I speculated about earlier in the week). I also don’t think the Mets are paying Igarashi $3 million to setup games for the Bisons. If you read Omar Minaya’s quotes earlier today it sounded very much like someone who is not sold on the idea of Mejia breaking camp with the big league club. In reality Jerry Manuel, more than anyone, has pushed the Mejia to the bullpen idea.

I said last week the Mets should give Figueroa, Nieve, and Misch every opportunity to make the roster because each is out of options. It makes more sense to use the options on Bobby Parnell and Sean Green than to lose veteran depth in Figueroa. It not only sounds like they are going to do that, but that it may also indicate that Jenrry Mejia will be spending time developing his repertoire in Binghamton.

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3 Responses to Figueroa May Be Headed North- Mejia Out?

  1. Joey

    “I said last week the Mets should give Figueroa, Nieve, and Misch every opportunity to make the roster because each is out of options.”

    Yeah, because they could never pick up three talents like them off the scrap heap. Oh wait …

    ARE YOU KIDDING? Pat Misch is a talentless assclown. And the other two are about a half a head better than that. PUT TOGETHER THE BEST TEAM YOU CAN. Don’t worry about these ridiculous scrubs.

  2. GravediggerHebner

    I’m not as fond of Figueroa as you are Mr. Silva but if the other side of the coin of his making the team is Mejia going to the minors to continue his development as a starter then that’s a compromise I’m more than willing to make. I can suffer a few weeks of Figgy until Escobar (or someone, anyone bumps him across the Pacific) for the long term benefit of Mejia’s career as a starter.

  3. MetsKnicksRutgers

    Please god let this be true and Jennry is headed to Bingo.

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