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Pettitte Calling it a Career

By Mike Silva ~ March 21st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Steve S over at The Yankees U relays information via Jack Curry of the YES Network. Curry said that Pettitte made it very clear he doesn’t plan on pitching past this season, saying that he accomplished everything he wanted to do last year in playing in the new ballpark and winning a World Series. It appears just like Mussina in 2008, Pettitte will try to go out on top. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as I could tell when Pettitte was talking to Mike Francesa a couple of weeks ago that he even contemplated hanging it up at the end of last season.

Obviously the Yankees would know this information and I wonder if it changes anything in the rotation. You need to bring your best pitchers north, but knowing there will be possibly two holes in the rotation next year may drive decisions now. Remember, Brian Cashman said he wants to always balance the “now” with the long term picture.

If you wanted Chamberlain in next year’s rotation could you honestly accomplish that with him pitching in relief? Would it make more sense to send one to AAA to be “on call” as the sixth starter and keep the other in the rotation.

Further, Curry also said on Twitter that Hughes would pitch tomorrow against Houston, while Joba would be in the intrasquad game. Should I take that to mean Hughes is the front runner? I just find it curious Hughes is the one actually pitching in a real game.

Everything is speculation right now. Not surprised that Pettitte is potentially hanging them up, but developing one, if not both, of these young pitchers becomes more important.

Also, don’t forget what we told you back in December that our sources indicate the Yankees will make Cliff Lee a priority if he hits free agency.

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2 Responses to Pettitte Calling it a Career

  1. Shamik

    Well, there goes any shot the Mets had of snagging Cliff Lee this offseason…

  2. Steve S.

    Thanks for the link, Mike. Always appreciated.

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