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Mets Should Use “Options” Wisely

By Mike Silva ~ March 20th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

According to MLB Trade Rumors Pat Misch, Nelson Figueroa, and Fernando Nieve are out of options this spring. Essentially they make the team or will be placed on waivers. If you wait till later in the spring the chances of them clearing might be good, but the state of MLB pitching makes it likely you could lose all three. That would be a shame because I believe they could provide necessary depth this season, which is why I believe the Mets should at least try to keep Figueroa and Nieve. That would require sending Bobby Parnell and Sean Green to AAA, something that Adam Rubin alluded to yesterday.

The bullpen positional battle has been wild. Obviously Jenrry Mejia threw a major monkey wrench into the spring. If the Mets go with six relievers I could see, as of today, the bullpen consisting of K-Rod, Igarashi, Feliciano, Calero as the core members of the bullpen. If Jonathan Niese wins the fifth spot then the two final spots would be come from the group of Mejia, Takahashi, Figueroa, Nieve, and Misch.

Both Niese and Mejia could use some minor league seasoning. Even more important they have options, which Figueroa and Nieve do not. I would go with Takahashi, Nieve, and Figueroa. Make one of them a starter and keep the other two in the bullpen. It’s possible the Mets go with 7 bullpen arms if they add Joe Beimel. I assume that depends on his asking price and if Takahashi moves to the rotation.

Parnell, Mejia, Niese, and Green have options and it should be used. They each should start the season in the minors for various reasons that we don’t need to get into now. Losing Pat Misch to waivers would be a shame, but it’s not the end of the world.

I believe Nelson Figueroa and Fernando Nieve have value and it would be a shame to lose them to waivers when there are plenty of players with options. If they fizzle then you could call on your depth. Let’s at least see if they could be productive rather then rue their departure (see Darren O’ Day last year) later in the season.

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1 Response to Mets Should Use “Options” Wisely

  1. GravediggerHebner

    While I disagree on some of your assessments of the value (or lack thereof) of specific players, I agree completely that the Mets should use the Minor League options that they have at their disposal wisely to keep the greatest depth in the organization.

    As you note, if any of the option-less guys are kept flame out, at least then the guys with options remain to replace them. The other way, uh oh.

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