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The Mets are Suffering the Curse of Game 6

By Mike Silva ~ March 12th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

That is the only explanation left for what is ailing this team. Ever since the infamous Game 7 of the 2006 playoffs, the Mets have suffered bad luck of unimaginable proportions. This came to a head yesterday with the news that Jose Reyes will be out 2-8 weeks with an overactive thyroid. Right away talk about bad luck and curses lit up the internet. How do you explain Reyes contracting this ailment from a virus or diet? Imagine if some bad shell fish winds up costing the Mets a playoff berth? Bad luck maybe, but it feels more like a curse.

I can’t speak to whether Citi Field is built on Indian land, that’s a case for the Penn State Paranormal Society. Since strange things have been happening long before Citi Field was dreamt up by the Wilpon’s I have to believe the cause is different. Back in June, I speculated about “The Koosman Curse” which started with former Mets pitcher Jerry Koosman selling the last out from Game 5 of the 69′ Series. I am starting to rethink that position and the only explanation I have is October 25th, 1986 and Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

Whether you were there, watched it or only heard about it, think how improbable a win it was for the Mets down two in the tenth inning of that ballgame? If Fangraphs were around the win probability for the Sox was 99.99 in my humble unscientific opinion. Somewhere, someone made a deal with the Devil. Maybe it was one of the players or coaches. Perhaps a fan with supernatural connections said “give me 86′ and I will give you this teams history.”  Heck, I will even call Bill Buckner a suspect at this point. It’s the only way to explain Terry Pendleton, Mike Scioscia, the Worst Team Money Can Buy, Generation K, the Subway Series, Yadier Molina and 2007. Those are just a few examples, of course, since I could go on.

Experts will say luck is the product of design. Create good infrastructure and all of a sudden you will see good things happen to you. Knowing some of the behaviors of the Yankees under George Steinbrenner makes me debunk that theory. I don’t know if there is a baseball god, but if there is, he needs to start to evaluate how his fans in Queens are being treated. If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger, but in the case of the Mets this is starting to become too much for this fan base to endure.

I remember going on a tour of Fenway Park back in 2000. The theme, at the time, was how the Red Sox were “cursed” as they even added up the retired numbers to prove their point. I am not going to complicate this theory as I am not good enough with numbers to develop any sort of code. I just know this team has endured a great deal of bad luck dating back to that faithful October night in 1986. It’s the only logical explanation.

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3 Responses to The Mets are Suffering the Curse of Game 6

  1. Mike

    If I believed in curses I’d confess it was me. I clearly remember, watching that fateful 1986 inning at a bar in Uniondale, and having to constantly tell the others (many of them Yankees fans who were resolute about it “being over”), that it wasn’t over. I’d said it enough times that I felt I should look to the heavens, and said, “If you give me this one, I’ll never ask for another.” And, then, “the ball gets behind Buckner….”

  2. Will in Central NJ

    Don’t forget Amos Otis to KC for Joe Foy; Bobby O and the hedge clippers; the midnight ride of Duaner Sanchez; and pissing away a mid-1990s #1 pick on SS Ryan Jaronczyk who, after 1.5 seasons in the minors, pocketed his sizable bonus check and walked away from pro baseball while blaming an overbearing dad for his hatred of the game. As Casey said, “You can look it up.”

  3. Steve

    There is absolutely no such thing as a curse. There is, however, absolute stupidity on Mets management part and their inability to run a professional sports franchise.

    Omar Minaya “Well, St. Louis won the series in 2005 winning 82 games, so why can’t we?”

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