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It’s Hard to Root for A-Rod

By Mike Silva ~ March 9th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

You may have noticed this site hasn’t jumped on the whole “A-Rod and Dr. Galea” story because, quite frankly, it’s not interesting. Whether A-Rod knew, didn’t know or was indifferent about his relationship with the guy is not something most fans want to talk about (we leave that stuff to lightweights like Craig Carton), but the fact remains that Alex Rodriguez is one of the hardest athletes to root for in sports.

When I heard his appearance last week on WFAN was cancelled due to “advice by his lawyer” I laughed at how funny the whole situation sounded. Whether it’s being caught with his girlfriend in the paper, kissing the mirror, damaging his luxury car or uncomfortably avoiding questions A-Rod is one of the strangest baseball players to have ever lived. Maybe this was how it was, in contrast, with players like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio. After all, Joe D. dated one of the most famous actresses of all time. Even so, fans today seem connected to the great DiMaggio, who wasn’t exactly “Mr. warm and fuzzy” during his time.

I know, I’m a Mets fan and don’t understand A-Rod (just like that whole “greatness of Joba” escapes me), but I talk to Yankees fans, longtime one’s at that, and they just don’t like the guy. Even after the playoff appearance they can’t seem to embrace A-Rod as a true Yankee. Sometimes I think Nick Swisher is further along in Yankees lore than perhaps one of the greatest sluggers the game has ever seen.

The only thing I could think of is the “Page Six” nature of Rodriguez. Rooting for him is like being happy that Brad Pitt scored with another gorgeous women. Sympathizing with A-Rod’s plight is like rooting for the Wall Street bailout. Can you honestly see fans of today reminiscing about A-Rod like they do with Mays, Mantle and DiMaggio? Those guys were wealthy and had gorgeous women as well, why the hate for A-Rod and not them? Derek Jeter is one of the most aloof athletes I have ever watched, yet he is loved by the fans. The propensity to dislike A-Rod sometimes is hard to intellectualize.

It’s a mystery that perhaps we will never have the answer to. Regardless, I find myself rooting against him to fail more than succeed. The postseason with a productive A-Rod wasn’t the same. I had columns already typed up ready to go and they still remain in the queue. Maybe it’s me, or perhaps A-Rod is destined to be the most misunderstood athlete of our generation. Either way, it’s hard to root for him.

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1 Response to It’s Hard to Root for A-Rod

  1. Carson

    Not liking A-Rod has become a sport that most people make the rules up to as they go along.

    Yankee fans have a love/hate relationship with him cemented back in the days of the Jeter/A-Rod/Nomar SS triangle.

    Hating on A-Rod in their mind somehow elevated Jeter. Most smart Yankee fans now understand that cheering for him takes nothing away from anyone else. I’m betting even the ones stuck in the past were cheering his return last May and for him all through the postseason.

    A-Rod gets conditional love from Yanke fans while some other Yankees get unconditional love.

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