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Fans Love to Tear Down Celebrities

By Mike Silva ~ February 27th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

I was not shocked about some of the grief I received over the Steve Phillips column. As I said, Phillips has been polarizing as a general manager, broadcaster, and now while talking about his personal life. The main premise of the article was to comment on the two hours of radio, which I thought was a great distraction from the sports boredom we all have been facing in New York. More importantly, I thought Phillips came across sincere about his personal transgressions, talked about the challenges of being the Mets GM, and even gave us insight into the current game, proving again why he wouldn’t be someone you want running your current ballclub. With that said, the fact that many have chosen to mock Phillips and demand he never works again shows me how unforgiving we have become as a society.

Tiger Woods has been the most recent situation of this in the news. A man that could do no wrong now has to suffer through headlines such as “Lock up the Waitresses” among others. Sportswriters, blogs, and fans build up athletes with all sorts of media. We made Jose Canseco larger than life, but now throw stones at him like the town leper. Sometimes we enjoy the “breaking down” of the athlete more than the actual score of the game. As if Steve Phillips is the only male executive in America that hasn’t allowed his position to enjoy certain perks. It doesn’t make it right, but he is not all of a sudden on an island of one.

I remember sitting in a meeting with my own Fortune 500. Many of the VP level executives and above were in attendance. Knowing about most of their situation through conversation and the grapevine, I calculated the divorce rate among the group. Let’s just say the percentage would make the 96′ Bulls proud. As for the dropped sponsors, they are only reacting to our sanctimonious society, one in which we tear down an athlete, but turn a blind eye to the people that have turned our American companies and Wall Street into virtual casinos. These are the same companies that hoard profits while underpaying its employees, and layoff thousands of workers because they didn’t hit some arbitrary target mandated by the masses.

Who knows if Steve Phillips will ever work again? I do know he has the right to work in this industry. If Michael Vick can play in the NFL after his atrocities then guys like Tiger Woods and Steve Phillips getting back into theirs is a layup. I even support the right of Vick, who I personally wouldn’t give the sweat off my brow if he was thirsty, to earn employment. He paid the dues that society judged were necessary.

The funny part about all this is the fan will never change. Just like the obnoxious “customer” who is “always right”, fans enjoy Teflon treatment. When I called readers on the site out for lack of comprehension the reaction was hysterical. Who me? I am perfect was the gist I received. So while all these people throw stones, I hope they realize the glass house they are standing behind. All of us have one, but some decide to be more honest about it than others.

I respect your thoughts on Steve Phillips. You have every right not to like him, but to say he doesn’t deserve a second chance to earn a living is flat out wrong. Those that take this position are on a very high ground. Hopefully I will one day learn how it is to live in the same flawless world.

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3 Responses to Fans Love to Tear Down Celebrities

  1. Lisa

    “I respect your thoughts on Steve Phillips. You have every right not to like him, but to say he doesn’t deserve a second chance to earn a living is flat out wrong. Those that take this position are on a very high ground. Hopefully I will one day learn how it is to live in the same flawless world.”

    Where do you get off telling us we have no right to not want a guy who repeatedly hit on female subordinates to get yet another chance? Please, show some respect for an opinion not your own. You’re the one who sounds like you’re on a high horse here, not your readers.

  2. Shamik

    Of course he has a right to earn a living. However, based on his previous work, and the distractions he causes, I would hope that he does not find employment anywhere near a team I root for.

  3. baseball_babe

    Another idiot author who is probably a secret “sex addict himself” or wants to be just like Steve. Hmmm I think betting on dog fights is entirely different than abusing, manipulating and screwing every female that has to work with you. Grow up Silva, I’m sorry you wish you were a real athlete, but don’t put Steve Phillips in the same category of people with actual talent. He’s a low life scumbag who screwed over two of the best jobs any person could have and ruined the lives of countless women, even refusing to comment on whether he had other women in between the Mets and ESPN he screwed. Anyone who supports him should join the sexual predators club.

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