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Steve Phillips Comes Clean

By Mike Silva ~ February 26th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

A contrite Steve Phillips, one we rarely saw during his days as a GM and broadcaster, appeared with WFAN’s Mike Francesa today. Phillips spent a couple of hours talking about his sex addiction that has left him on the outside of the baseball world. To Phillips credit he answered tough questions, took calls and showed accountability for his actions.

Phillips is a polarizing topic for Mets fans who blame him for the team’s demise after the 2000 World Series. In hindsight, he took over a team that was far from a contender and led them to more playoff appearances and pennants than Omar Minaya. If ownership was willing to spend a few more dollars they could easily have made the playoffs in 97′ and 98′ as well. Phillips never had the blank checkbook that Omar Minaya has enjoyed, at times, during his regime.

You also heard a little about what he went through during his stint in New York. Clashes with Bobby Valentine, managing two owners, and having the same demands as the New York Yankees, but not the business plan or resources. Phillips saying the Mets run things as a business and the Yankees run their organization to win tells you everything you need to know.

Mets fans are a cynical bunch. Recently I admonished them for their reaction to Tom Glavine retiring, Jeff Francoeur, and now I think they should cut Steve Phillips a break. I am no way saying he didn’t make mistakes, but he is not as bad as many make him out to be. I remember how many fans were pining for Omar Minaya in 2002 when he surprisingly had the Expos in contention that season. How many of those same people think Omar is a genius today?

What’s next for Phillips? I doubt a job in baseball is in his future. The way things ended in New York and the personal demons puts him on the wrong side of the MLB political spectrum. Don’t be surprised if you see him turn up locally. The in studio interview was positioned as a chance for Phillips to come clean with the public, but I am sure WFAN management was watching. What better way to jumpstart a moribund station then bringing in a polarizing figure. More importantly I am glad to see Phillips has taken control of his life. Hopefully the fans think the same and remember more of the good times during the Phillips regime than the negativity at the end.

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6 Responses to Steve Phillips Comes Clean

  1. geek

    The Yankees understand that wining is the business.

  2. baseball_babe

    Are you kidding me, the guy abuses countless women, primarily women he works with both at the Mets and at ESPN, refuses to answer questions regarding the 10 years of bad behavior in between that didn’t make the papers, claims his addiction is the same as an alcoholics, says he hasn’t even come close to hitting the 8th step of his 12 step program, but that he’s somehow cured and fit to talk sports? Any company that hires him is basically putting their female employees in danger of a sexual predator, I say good riddance and this author needs a wakeup call.

  3. Jackson Riley

    Great job baseball_babe. Steve Phillips is a first class scumbag who doesn’t deserve the right to have a forum for his behavior. He’s a repeat offender who uses a cop-out to mask his infidelity (sex addiction for a male? Are you kidding me??!!! I guess 99% of all males need to go to this rehab place to get treated for this “addiction”). The sad part is that Mike Francesa bought it hook-line-and-sinker. I guess Steve Phillips must’ve paid Mike for that 2-hour garbage infomercial. Mike played the role of the old Soviet media throwing pre-made softball questions to Mikhail Gorbachev. I guess it shows that high-profile people who mess up (ala Phillips, Tiger Woods, Chris Brown) get a “hero’s welcome” as if they just performed a duty in Iraq. Who the heck is Steve Phillips to go on the air and tell us his story? What do we care? It demonstrates his selfishness to want to get back into the business of broadcasting. He ran his “apology to my family” up the flagpole to show the SNY’s and YES Network’s of the world “hey I’m apologizing for cheating on my wife for like the 50th time, but I’m saying I’m admitting to it and am remorseful. So I’m good to go if you want to hire me.” First off, he’s not the John Madden of baseball analysts. He’s above-mediocre at best. Secondly, to use your “I’m here to disclose everything and show remorse towards my family” as a way to audition for a broadcasting job shows what a true scumbag he is. The remorse you want to show your family should be between you and your family. We (the audience) have no business knowing what is said between you and your wife and kids. So get off the air because if you’re going to air it publicly, then that’s just you wanting to show networks that you’re ready to be hired again. And the scumbag part of it was that you had to drag your family into it. Great job jerk.

  4. fab923

    Unbelievable!!! If this had been BobbyV. then it would have been panned as shameless self-promotion and Bobby stands head and shoulders above Phillips in any category. What is this author thinking of? “…jumpstart a moribund station.” & “…polarizing figure.” is crazy. WFAN would pin their hopes on providing a platform for a guy who dragged a World Series contender down to last place while exercising his spousal & woman abuse “addiction”. The only thing that makes him polarizing is if his victims, their supporters and BobbyV. are listening…I don’t think so!

  5. Ken Bland

    I’d have to say that although I find Jackson Riley’s comments above a little bit extreme, or angrier in tone than the incident makes me, I largely agree with his way of thinking. I just don’t see how any media outlet can hire him at this point and expect him to have a lot of credibility with an audience. I’m not sure I can agree with baseball babe’s worries about him being a threat to female employees. It’s the lack of credibility that would concern me most. I assume they weren’t forced to do anything they didn’t choose to. I think at this time, the best thing for Phillips would be to take a low profile baseball job as a scout and give things some time, try to construct a relationship foundation with his wife, or let her go, but I suspect he’ll be on the air much sooner than I would think he should.

  6. fmpz

    How dare Steve Philips criticize Bobby V. If Steve had spent more time being a GM for the Mets, instead of bedding the female Mets employees maybe the Mets would have made even more playoffs & WS. Rather than working with Bobby V, accepting BV insite & opinions, Steve was thinking with his PRIVATES instead of working to be the best GM in NYC.
    Steve took advantage of his “position”
    & had sexual relations with lowly Met & ESPN employees.
    THe bigger question, why did hiis wife have more kids after his affair with port st lucie & NY met employees?
    As many sayings go: once a dog always a dog.
    You can’t change the spots on a leopard.
    Steve is a sexual prediator,keep him away from kids & females under 40.
    As for the FAN hiring him….for what a guide to having office affairs? He knew sh** about baseball 12 years ago & still knows sh** about baseball. I hope thatb wasn’t an “interview” for a job. If so female FAN listeners unite & let FAN know…NO Steve philips

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