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Can the Yanks Win if Jeter is Roberto Alomar?

By Mike Silva ~ February 25th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

We all don’t want to address the elephant in the Yankees room: age with their core four. For as much leadership as this group provides, their on the field performance is the real value to the New York Yankees. If Jeter, Rivera, Posada, and Pettitte disappear from the room tomorrow the Yankees go from a championship favorite to the outside looking in. No member of that group is more important than Jeter, both on and off the field, to this club. Sweeny Murti of WFAN, always a favorite of mine, posed this scenario: What if Derek Jeter becomes Roberto Alomar and drops off suddenly?

Before you throw a fit, Murti did not say he believes Jeter will drop off in the same manner. What he was trying to do is rightfully justify the Yankees decision to not extend Jeter this winter. Whether you want to believe it or not, Jeter sounded a bit disappointed if you read between the lines.

What does a Robbie Alomar 2002 season from Jeter do to the Yankees in 2010? Using Baseball Musings Lineup Analyzer they project to still score between 900-930 runs next year. That, of course, is evaluating the lineup in a vacuum and not understanding the impact of Jeter getting on base and in the clutch. This also assumes that players like Nick Johnson, Curtis Granderson, and Nick Swisher live up to projections, and Jorge Posada and A-Rod show no regression.

Murti points out correctly this “Armageddon scenario”, although unfounded, can happen. Bat speed can disappear very quickly, and when it does, the drop off can be severe. To be fair, I think Jeter’s inside/out swing could adjust better to such limitations, but ultimately it will catch up to the best of them.

The Yankees are correct in making Derek Jeter wait for his money. Let’s see what 2010 brings for The Captain. Regardless the elephant in the room going forward, regardless of contractual status, is when the clock strikes midnight for Derek Jeter. When it does the Yankees very well may turn into a pumpkin.

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4 Responses to Can the Yanks Win if Jeter is Roberto Alomar?

  1. Rob S.

    The Yankees don’t need to justify their decision not to extend Jeter. It is team policy. They are not treating him any differently than anyone else. I don’t believe the decision has anything to due with concerns about Jeter’s performance declining.

  2. Rob S.

    BTW hasn’t Alomar’s performance that year been largely attributed to a lack of heart and desire. No worries with Jeter. Honestly it’s been four months since the World Series ended. Jeter is really going to decline that much in four or five months? Find something relevant to talk about.

  3. Andrew Yankee fan

    Hey Mike,

    Like you, I enjoy Sweeny Murti’s work. His article today is a good read and one that the yankees need to be aware of. This upcoming offseason is going to be very intriguing with the negoitations between Jeter and the Yankees. Dare I say this could be the most scrutinized free agent and team negoitations in New York sports history (I guess negoitations between Lebron and the Knicks could be up there as well).

  4. kevin davis

    What if Jeter gets hit by Lightening? Or Mark Texiara gets hit by a bus? Or Curtis Granderson gives up baseball to be a preacher? Or, CC Sabathia and A.J Burnett get food poisoning from eating bad pies and miss 2 months of the season. What if Nick Johnson breaks his tailbone slipping in the shower on a bar of soap? What if Nick Swisher ………

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