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The Yankees Are Boring

By Mike Silva ~ February 21st, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

The Yankees are a boring team. Yes, I said it. Even though they are coming off 103 wins and a World Series, there really are no stories worth pondering down in Tampa. Sure, you have the played out Joba/Hughes and the bullpen theme, but outside of that there are no positional battles to speak of.

Today, Joel Sherman talks about how CC Sabathia has helped the Yankees on and off the field with his infectious positive attitude. A harmonious clubhouse is great for results, but terrible when you are looking to opine about the team. Give me a Jeter/A-Rod feud, Joe Torre drama, or a George Steinbrenner missive after being swept by the Red Sox.

As for George, he was seen yesterday but, as Ken Davidoff pointed out, sans any of those infamous missives. I mean, this is the same guy that Peter Golenbock wrote a book about last year? Where is Hank and Hal? Didn’t some of those genes wear off on them? I use to enjoy Hank railing against things such as the lack of a DH in the National League. Can someone at least tell Brian Cashman or Joe Girardi they could “go work for the Mets if they don’t like it” at some point this year.

Even the nineties Yankees weren’t this bland. You had off the field drama with Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. There were stretches each year, even in 1998, where the team got off to a slow start. Heck, there was one spring I remember when the Yankees couldn’t win a game and the world was crumbling. Sports talk caller Jerome from Manhattan became famous because of the paranoia of the spoiled and arrogant Yankees fans. Yankees fascism is back and it’s not only worse than ever, but it’s boring too!

As dislikeable as they were, I miss the Gary Sheffield, Randy Johnson, and Carl Pavano Yankees. It was fun telling everyone why the pinstripes with lousy players don’t win championships. I guess I yearn for the type of championship teams like the seventies Yankees or eighties Mets. Winning isn’t enough anymore in the modern game of baseball because we need soap operas. That’s what happens when there are a million blogs out there.

Sure, I can go over to the dark side and analyze meaningless stats like others, but I graduated college in 1999 and didn’t really enjoy school the first time around. Reality TV sells and sports is as close to a male soap opera as you can get.

Last year we had an A-Rod steroid scandal, Joe Torre’s book, and a bunch of new players coming to the Bronx. This year we have harmony. I almost am tempted to skip the baseball season and watch Bravo television. Of course, then I remember the Mets still play in this town. I am sure they will fill the dramatic void that we always had the Yankees penciled in for- right?

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2 Responses to The Yankees Are Boring

  1. BrooklynPaulie

    Dude, are you really THAT bored??? Just goes to show…some people are never satisfied. You should really hang with your Metsies. I’m sure there will be plenty of drama in St. Lucy.

  2. Mike Silva


    It was slightly tongue in cheek :) – although I am having trouble finding interesting stuff to write about the Yankees these days. No positional battles, no drama, everything pretty much set. I am interested to see Kevin Russo and the fifth starter competition though.

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