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It Appears Delgado Might be Done

By Mike Silva ~ January 23rd, 2010. Filed under: Offseason Speculation.

Found this courtesy of our good friend Ed Ryan over at Mets Fever

A scout told ESPN’s Jayson Stark the following:

“He’s got no range at first — none,” said one scout. “He actually limps out there. He can’t play first on a day-to-day basis. I think he can still DH, because he’s still got power. But to play first for a team like the Mets? Can’t see it.” source ESPN

This is not the kind of news that makes me believe Delgado is worth a roster spot on a National League team. Add in the fact that Luis Castillo has lost a step, and you might have the most immobile right side of the infield in baseball history. To be fair, as Ed points out, Delgado just started rehabbing from major surgery. Perhaps in another month the story will change, but the problem is the Mets really can’t afford to take a major risk, which Delgado appears to be, now that they are faced with the loss of Beltran.

What should they do? I say sign a right handed complement to Murphy who, in the event that he flops, can play every day. Fernando Tatis is not that player, as he was exposed in that role last year, but Ryan Garko has. As the everyday first baseman in Cleveland during the ‘07 and ‘08 seasons he had a 110 OPS+ and averaged about 18 homers, 76 RBI, and an OPS just a shade under .800. More importantly, he was a significantly better player against left handed pitching. A Murphy/Garko platoon at first might very well produce the 16 homers and 90+ RBI from last season.

Hopefully Ike Davis continues his positive development trend and, perhaps my mid season, the Mets will have their answer at first base for the foreseeable future.

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3 Responses to It Appears Delgado Might be Done

  1. R U Kidding

    If this is true Delgado needs us even more. Sign him,Omar. Remember what goes around comes around. What a team!

  2. LongTimeFan

    I think there’s overreaction to one report. To headline he may be done is rather premature and misleading, and I might add, irresponsible.

    At worst, he’s DH who wields big stick.

    The fact is he continues to rake in winter ball in the playoffs, 4 hits the other night including a double and triple and scored from second on single.

    Both the triple and scoring from second are most significant and positive and there’s still two and half months before the regular season even begins. There is no deadline that says he must be ready by opening day or that his current health and abilities are at max.

  3. birtelcom

    Delgado 2008-2009:

    .358 OBP/.519 SLG/.877 OPS/129 OPS+/42 HRs in 798 PAs

    There’s a free agent first baseman available, three and a half years younger than Delgado, whose numbers over 2008-2009 are:

    .346 OBP/.535 SLG/.881 OPS/131 OPS+/ 43 HRs in 657 PAs

    Defensive metrics show this other free agent to have been an average fielding first baseman over the last two seasons, compared to well-below-average for Delgado.

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