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How About Pineiro and Sheets?

By Mike Silva ~ January 19th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, Offseason Speculation.

Bengie Molina is gone and, according to SI’s Jon Heyman, the Mets are “unenthused” about Yorvit Torrealba or Rod Barajas. It’s quite possible that we see a Josh Thole/Henry Blanco tandem this season. Count me surprised, but Bengie Molina is not going to break the 2010 season. Another rumor that came out was that Carlos Delgado had signed with Toronto. Although both Delgado’s agent and Toronto denied the report, it appears that his lack of mobility may require a return to the American League. This leaves the Mets with very little offensive options outside of a right handed hitting complement (Ryan Garko?) to Daniel Murphy. That is why I am proposing spending all the remaining resources on pitching. How about signing both Joel Pineiro and Ben Sheets?

Pineiro would give the Mets security, reliability, and innings. Sheets, as mentioned earlier, could be a potential top of the rotation starter. Depending on the guaranteed money, the presence of Pineiro would lesson any blows of a potential Sheets injury. If reports about the offers are true, a combination of the two would cost somewhere between $17 and $20 million guaranteed, with some additional incentives for Sheets. Pineiro would require a second year, but Sheets couldn’t expect more than a one year deal. In comparison, Delgado and Molina would probably cost at least half that for iffy production.

I still think the Mets need a bat, with or without Carlos Beltran in the lineup. Daniel Murphy just can’t give the Mets the production (16 HR’s 91 RBI) that first base provided last season. With that said, boosting the pitching staff with Pineiro and Sheets would more than offset the loss of offense, and get the Mets pitching back to 2008 levels (715 runs allowed), and possibly better.

Who would be the odd man out in that situation? Have John Maine and Oliver Perez battle it out for the last spot. The loser goes to the bullpen and either pitches short relief, or is the long man. Perez could be a great lefty specialist, albeit expensive ($12 million dollars), but his control would concern me. This scenario is very unlike the Mets as they historically never have the gumption to do something “dynamic”, but that is another played out story.

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5 Responses to How About Pineiro and Sheets?

  1. Shamik

    Yeesh, no thank you @ Perez as a lefty specialist. I think if (thats a big if) he can focus he can be a very good lefty starter. I would put Maine in the BP. He rarely goes beyond 5-6 innings anyway, and I think he would be more effective if he preserved his velocity and came out of the BP and threw his trademark slider/high heater combo.

  2. Josh

    I totally agree that we need to get more than one starter, and a combination of risk with upside and stability like Sheets/Pineiro is a good idea. I also agree that we need need another hitter and Molina would have satisfied that need. However, I still think we should be careful not to overestimate Molina’s possible affect on the staff (remember, Brian Schnieder was supposed to be able to handle the staff so great too). Let’s just hope that the offseason is still far from over, because there are a ton of free agents out there still and even though many of them may not fit perfectly with us, maybe Omar will pull something out.

    Oliver Perez as a reliever is a terrible idea. He cannot throw strikes, and really this is the main job of a relief pitcher. Maine would seem better out of the pen to me as well. OR maybe we can still trade the Pelf, though who would want him and what would we get for him? I just don’t know. I’m in wait-and-see mode.

  3. R U Kidding

    What have the Mets done this offseason to make you think they will sign two starters? I’m starting to think they might not sign even one.

  4. steve

    I disagree with you on Murphy.I think if the Mets have a healthy year,after Beltran comes back.Wright and Reyes and Bay have normal years,and Murphy batting in the 6th or 7th spot,he will hit 16 homers maybe not 91 rbi’s but 80,eith 40 doubles.I would keep Perez in the rotation,and have Maine in the pen.The Mets will also have lots of depth,Niese-nieve-Gee-stoner all in Buffalo.

  5. Mark P

    Sheets gave a little show of his recovery yesterday for the teams and pitching a simulation, was apparently very tiired at the end of three innings. Not what I want to spend money on, thank you. Piniero would probably be a good fit, and I agree with the above that we really need to give Murphy a chance to show what he can do on a healthier club. The same goes for some of the choices for catcher. Are we going to get that much improvement? Sometimes it’s better to keep your money in your pocket until so you have it when a really good deal comes up, not just see how many players you can buy.

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