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Mets Should Consider LaRoche

By Mike Silva ~ January 11th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, Offseason Speculation.

I said earlier today the Mets should sign Carlos Delgado since I am skeptical Daniel Murphy can provide the same offensive production that first base generated for the Mets in 2009 (16 HR, 91 RBI, .791 OPS). The news tonight via Ed Price indicates that Carlos Delgado is not moving well on the field. With time running short, perhaps the Mets should look into Adam LaRoche on a one year deal.]

LaRoche turned down a two year deal from San Francisco, but right now there appears to be no market for his services. LaRoche put up 24 homers, 80 RBI, and an OPS of .844 last season. He crushed the ball in Atlanta, producing at a .950 OPS. 

This is the type of hitter that would be a perfect stopgap while the Mets see if Ike Davis is ready. He would add length to the lineup, and his OBP would offset the free swinger Francoeur, and Molina, assuming he signs. I just can’t see LaRoche getting anymore than a one year deal in the current market. I was surprised he turned down San Francisco. 

How much longer can the Mets wait to see if Delgado is healthy? Another week? Not sure if that will do much good. It sounds like Delgado might need to play in the American League for the rest of his career. In any event, the Mets really could use another bat and first base is screaming for increased production. Would 1 year between $8-10 million get it done with LaRoche? I don’t see why not. 

Pineiro for Two Years a Steal

If the Mets could get Joel Pineiro for the reported 2 years and $15 million that Price “tweeted” earlier, that could become the value contract of the offseason. Amazing that Milwaukee signs Randy Wolf for 3/30, while Pineiro is struggling to get a similar offer. Knowing how difficult it will be to trade for one of Cincinnati’s pitchers I think Pineiro sounds like the way to go.

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3 Responses to Mets Should Consider LaRoche

  1. R U Kidding

    Laroche one year 10 million would be great, 2 yrs. 18 million also.

  2. Mark P

    If the Temple to Wilpon’s Childhood (aka Citifield) plays like it did in ’09 the Mets need to concentrate on pitching and speed. Bats that may “possibly” supply X number of home runs in a stadium that hasn’t shown it allows many is a risky bet. Pitching and defense win in any park and Laroche is not worth the risk. Get Piniero, work on basics, but as the potential number of home runs the lineup offered at the start of ’09 shows, you can’t depend on them, especially in Shea…oops, Citifield.

  3. serudnick

    laroche is a good hitter if the mets could get him it would be great he is a lot younger than delgado too he is only 30 years

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