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Rumor: “Small Opening” for Damon Return

By Mike Silva ~ January 6th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Rumor Mill.

Earlier today there was speculation about whether the Yankees still are interested in bringing Johnny Damon back to play leftfield. After all, he is sitting out there with a seemingly dried up market that even the great Scott Boras can’t overcome. It sounded like the answer is “no” by the conversation Chad Jennings had with Brian Cashman, but NYBD has been told there still may be a chance.

NYBD contributor Frank Russo reached out to his Yankees contacts and was told that there is a “small opening” for Damon to return. His source speculated that a deal could be reached, if Damon agrees to play for somewhere in the neighborhood of one year/$5 million plus incentives. This is a far cry from the 2 year/$20 million dollar deal that was floated earlier in the offseason.

Some in the Yankees organization still believe that Damon will eventually return to the Bronx. It’s no secret, as our very own Jed Weisberger pointed out, that Damon will not sign elsewhere unless he is 100% sure the Yankees have moved on. There is also a feeling that Brian Cashman is also to blame since he was equally as hard lined with his offer to Damon. In the end these are two parties that could use each other since, in my opinion, the Yankees still may be a little light offensively.

Scott Boras did a great job securing a 7 year deal for Matt Holliday, but he blew the market with Damon. Bobby Abreu’s 2 year/$20 million dollar deal clearly was the market, and they insisted on holding out for a 3 or 4 year deal. In the end these are two sides that seem to be a perfect match, but can’t seem to agree on the value of the contract. Damon should do what A-Rod did after 2007 and take control of the negotiations. Go to the Yankees and attempt to work something out. I don’t believe any team will pay Damon enough where he will feel “cheated” by that type of scenario. Of course, this is a long shot, and wouldn’t be Boras’s style, so odds are we have seen the last of Johnny Damon in the Bronx. If Boras pulls off a 2 or 3 year deal I think he should be “canonized” immediately in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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3 Responses to Rumor: “Small Opening” for Damon Return

  1. cgar

    I hate nitpickers but Abreu’s deal was for $19 million.

    KenDavidoff has been tweeting all night Damon won’t be back but I still think there a strong chance he’ll return.

  2. Go Johnny please!

    Damon you and your wife dropped to the papers, about and anyone listening, all the supposed interest in you from other teams, find one , go count your money,and take your huge ego with you!!

  3. Lou

    A little light offensively? The Yankees are odds on favorite to lead the league in runs scored. Nick Johnson will produce as many runs as Hideki (just via a different means) and Granderson’s away numbers are just as good as Damon’s. Add an extra month of A-Rod and the Yanks are looking like a 900+ run team.

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