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Did Lackey’s Significant Other Steer Him to Boston?

By Mike Silva ~ December 24th, 2009. Filed under: Offseason Speculation.

I normally live by the credo that wives, families, and children are off limits when reporting, talking, or opining about sports. I wouldn’t want anyone in my family dragged into the equation and find it reprehensible when anyone does this to an athlete. Everyone, regardless of social stature, deserves some modicum of privacy. With that said an interesting story came out at the Boston Herald (assist to BBTF) about John Lackey’s fiancée.

Apparently his future wife, Krista, is a native of Maine and University of New Hampshire grad. We all wondered why Lackey jumped at the Sox $82 million dollar offer and didn’t give the Mets, or any other team, a chance to match. This is all speculation mind you, but could the ties his future spouse has to the New England area have something to do with it? Not a crazy assumption.

The point of this piece is not to bash Lackey, quite the contrary. It’s to remind everyone that, although money cures most ills, these guys are actually human beings. Yes, they have a life outside of baseball and don’t just live in a vacuum of advanced stats or under our bed as Strat-O-Matic cards. Another rumor from the gossip mill was that Jason Bay’s wife has been pushing for a Seattle union because the family is from the Pacific Northwest. Again, nothing wrong with that, but something to consider before you jump to judgment about the actions of a player, agent, or team.

Ironically, the point of the Herald story was that Lackey’s fiancée might regret the decision after some drunk ruined her fur coat (use your imagination about how that happened) during a night out. It’s no secret that Boston is baseball crazed and sometimes the pressure of living in the city becomes a bit much for the player’s families. Who knows if this turns out to be the case for Lackey, but it does shine some light on why the quick signing with Boston.

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  1. Shamik

    Yeah, its such a pity that everyone HATES living in New York! (sarcasm)

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