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Is Pedro the Best Option for Mets Rotation?

By Mike Silva ~ December 22nd, 2009. Filed under: Offseason Speculation.

Pedro Martinez back in Queens? Is that heresy? Maybe not according to Jayson Stark earlier today. I will add another nugget to ponder: Is Pedro the best “value” pick for the Mets starting rotation?

So far we have seen Randy Wolf sign for 3 years/$30 million and Jason Marquis 2 year/$15 million. They had a 122 and 117 ERA+ respectively. In nine starts Pedro Martinez’s was at 117.

The other top free agent starters ERA+ were:

Jarrod Washburn: 116

Jon Garland: 111

Doug Davis: 111

Joel Pineiro: 118

All of those pitchers, with the exception of Pineiro, will probably require a two year deal like Marquis. With Pineiro you are looking at a 3-4 year commitment. Why not roll the dice for 2010 and bring in Pedro Martinez? He will cost about $10 million and require only a one year commitment.

The wild card in all this is Ben Sheets. If healthy, Sheets can be the #2 starter that many wanted in John Lackey. Sheets, however, might be the only pitcher that is a bigger injury risk than Pedro.

Perhaps this is an idea born out of my heart than cold hard facts. I look at the Pedro Martinez from Game 2 of the World Series and see a crafty veteran who continues to adjust to the limitations of age. My head reminds me that he hasn’t started 30 games since 2005- the same season where we have a decent enough sample size to say he was better than league average. It may not seem long ago, but in baseball it is. The one positive development is his command, which was lost since the shoulder surgery, seemed to return last season in Philadelphia. His BB/K ratio was the best it’s been since 2003.

We all know the risk that comes with signing Pedro Martinez. I don’t expect him to be the #2 that John Lackey could have been. But neither will Pineiro, Davis, Garland, or Washburn. I would make Ben Sheets the priority, but Pedro Martinez arguably could be a close second.

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2 Responses to Is Pedro the Best Option for Mets Rotation?

  1. Shamik

    IF he stays healthy I think he could be better than Garland or Piniero. But we’ve been burned by Pedro too many times to risk it in my opinion.

  2. R U Kidding

    Santana-Pedro-Maine-Pelfrey-Perez! It was good in 2008 and Pedro might be healthier! Plan B is to give the boys a second chance (including Jerry and Omar). I like Plan A better,but Plan B might work!

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