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Mets Painted into Bay Corner- Yanks Lurking

By Mike Silva ~ December 15th, 2009. Filed under: Offseason Speculation.

It appears the Mets offseason is becoming Jason Bay or bust. Not only did they receive news yesterday that John Lackey signed in Boston, but Roy Halladay was acquired by the Phillies. As I said all is not lost, but then late last night two more pieces of news surfaced. First, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the Cardinals offered Matt Holliday an 8 year contract at an average annual value of $16 million dollars. My calculations put the deal at $128 million. There wasn’t any information about out clauses or vesting options, although I would bet each is part of the deal. The second piece of news was about the Yankees interest in Jason Bay. Could they be the mystery team that offered Bay five years? We still don’t know if such a team exists. The term “lurking” and the Yankees is never good news for acquiring any player.

I continue to reiterate the Mets need a power bat to replace Carlos Delgado in their lineup, which would give them a chance to return to 2008 offensive levels when they scored 799 runs. You can’t justify 8 years to Holliday, but if $16 million is the going rate in this market, 5 years and $80 million for Bay is probably what will get a deal done. The presence of the Yankees brings all sorts of questions to my mind. Were they driving up the price for the Red Sox before Cameron? Are they using this as negotiating leverage for Damon? Are they serious about importing Bay so they can have a beefier offense now that a rotation with both Hughes and Chamberlain could be a possibility? All fair questions.

Things are transpiring fast and furious. I see Jason Bay signing very quickly and, if I were the Mets, would start to get aggressive with his agent today. If they lose out on Bay where do they turn? Hard to justify a downgrade to Juan Rivera or Corey Hart when you don’t have the John Lackey option as Plan B. Losing out on “Bay Watch” means the Mets very well may have to cross their fingers on Carlos Delgado and bring him back for another year. Maybe Ike Davis is the real deal and can help them at the start of the season. I am also open to the possibility of the Mets using 2010 as a way to see what they have internally. It means a season where contention is unlikely, but could be the proverbial step back before taking a step forward. With Santana and Beltran in their prime this would be another wasted opportunity and another huge indictment on the Minaya front office.

“Bay Watch” is now at critical mass. Win the sweepstakes and you acquire the perfect bat for the 2010 Mets lineup. Lose out and you are the team left standing without a chair when the music stops. Could you imagine the Mets fan reaction if Bay signs with the Yankees? This story continues to develop and take some interesting turns. Not sure if the final chapter is one that Mets fan want to read.

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8 Responses to Mets Painted into Bay Corner- Yanks Lurking

  1. kranepool

    What Mets ownership needs to do is get out of the Bay sweepstakes and concentrate on the remaining starting pitchers on the FA and trade front.

    All this concern about Jason Bay what everyone from the Mets front office to the fan base is missing is the Mets have one solid starting pitcher and four empty slots.

  2. Mike Silva

    I think your being overly pessimistic on the Mets rotation.

    They do need a quality veteran arm, but Maine, Perez, and Pelfrey aren’t garbage in today’s game. They are no more risky than Chamberlain or Hughes across town.

  3. Shamik

    Mets are doomed this season, as is Minaya and the coaching staff. I for one will be happy to see them go. However, the Mets are going to face a fan revolt this season. What a way to waste Santana’s and Beltran’s talents like this.

  4. Nate

    this team cannot go into the yr with murphy at 1b

  5. R U Kidding

    No help from the farm system, and not much help from free agency! 500 ball next season will be hard to reach.

  6. Josh

    No, Maine and Perez and Pelfrey are no more risky than Joba and Hughes, but the difference is that the Yankees have those two guys behind Sabathia and Burnett and the seemingly ageless Andy Pettite, plus a decent back-of-the-rotation option in Chad Gaudin, plus the chance that they’ll be able to bring back Wang at a decent price after non-tendering him, so if Joba and Hughes figure it out then that’s great for the Yankees but if not then they still have a pretty good rotation to go with the lineup that scored the most runs in the majors last year (and to which they added a great outfielder for practically no cost). The Mets have Santana and a bunch of question marks in the rotation and scored fewer runs than league-average thanks to injuries and lack of talent beyond their stars. So yes, both teams have some issues, but the idea that the riskiness of Joba and Hughes is as significant to the Yankees as the riskiness of Maine and Perez and Pelfrey to the Mets is a ridiculous one.

  7. micelken

    “First, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the Cardinals offered Matt Holliday an 8 year contract at an average annual value of $16 million dollars. My calculations put the deal at $128 million.”

    Mike, I crunched the numbers on my IBM Naval Ordnance Research Calculator (NORC) and then hopped into my time machine and traveled back to 19th century France to verify my findings with famous mathematician Jules Henri Poincaré and as it turns out…your calculations are correct! Well done! I will be nominating you for The Fields Medal.

  8. Jeff Weinberger

    I’m not sure why you posit the Bay and Delgado signing prospects in either/or terms. If Delgado is deemed healthy the Mets should sign him to a year with perhaps another year option. Players, most notably and recently a certain crosstown player and friend of Kate Hudson, can and do recover very well from the kind of surgery Delgado had; he began last season with a bat blazing; if he’s in shape there should be no reason to doubt he’ll hit 30 and 100; lastly, his team leadership is immeasurable. Bay, while I’d like to see him in a Mets uniform, and I believe he would contribute, may actually be a more questionable quantity than Delgado. While he started last year hot, he finished cold. His somewhat impressive power numbers were likely inflated thanks to the friendly green monster. Still, both/and should be the position in re Delgado and Bay, not either/or. As for the pitching, to butcher an old saw, we need Santana and rain lest we all go insane…….

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