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Where is Brian Cashman?

By Frank Russo ~ December 14th, 2009. Filed under: Digest Contributors.

Before the winter meetings started, Brian Cashman reiterated how the Yankees off-season plans were geared toward pitching, pitching and more pitching.  So what did Cashman do in Indianapolis? He made a trade for Curtis Granderson. Yes, the Granderson deal was a good trade for the Yankees, but it did not address the team’s most pressing need, that of adding veteran pitching to both the rotation and the bullpen.

Reports are circulating all over the internet now that the Red Sox signed John Lackey and that the Phillies acquired Roy Halladay.  OK, so here is my question. Where the heck is Brian Cashman and what is he thinking? Is it his plan to sit idly by while the competition strengthens themselves with major pitching acquisitions?

Here’s another question. Why would Cashman be so willing to give up a highly regarded prospect like Austin Jackson in a trade for a centerfielder (Granderson), when he could have used him in a deal for a pitcher of Roy Halladay’s caliber?

I spoke to my main Yankees source down in Tampa this weekend who mentioned to me his concern that Cashman might be content to go with both Hughes and Joba in the starting rotation, and again go with in-house options for the bullpen and the “Bridge to Mariano.”

Many writers and fans felt that adding either Lackey or Halladay would have given the Yankees one of, if not the best, starting rotation in all of baseball, and in so doing, all but ensured another trip to the World Series. Obviously, Cashman and his “Lieutenants” don’t feel the same way.

Personally, I think it will be a huge mistake on Cashman’s part if he decides to stand pat and not bring in a veteran presence to shore up both the rotation and the bullpen. Time will tell, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be proven right on this one.

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Frank is a resident of East Brunswick, NJ and former radio announcer. He is a 4th generation Republican and Yankees Fan. He also enjoys listening to talk radio. His favorite announcer is Shawn Hannity of “Hannity” on FOX and enjoys reading about military history. In addition to rooting for the Yankees, he also has a passion for the New York Islanders. You can enjoy Frank’s work at The Dead Ball Era and his book “Bury My Heart at Cooperstown”. Check out his “Rants and Raves” on New York Baseball Digest.

11 Responses to Where is Brian Cashman?

  1. Yergen

    I guess Joba & Pena were not enough!

  2. IrishCarBomb

    I don’t think teams are as high on Jackson as you think.

    Yankee can’t get everyone.

  3. Yergen

    I had a brief discussion with “NYBD” on twitter today who thought after Lackey signed with Boston the rest of the teams could lowball Toronto for Halladay. As the money option (Lackey) was now gone I begged to differ but “NYBD” thought Joba/Pena would get it done. If the Jays have to settle for crap why would they deal Roy to a division rival only to see him six times a year? Doesn’t make sense to me. Better to deal him out west or to the NL if you have to take less.

  4. K.V.C

    Cashman’s “Pitching, Pitching, Pitching” was just rhetoric.

    The Yankees were never going after Doc. Why trade prospects and have to pony up free agent like money to sign him to an extension. Double dipping.

    They wouldn’t do it for Santana and they weren’t going to do it for Doc.

    “Here’s another question.” – Because A.Jax is a prospect and Granderson is an all-star major league player. A.Jax MIGHT be that someday.

    They just won the World Series with CC, AJ and old man Pettitte, and they still retain all of them. Joba and Hughes are a year older, and Joba has no limits anymore.

  5. Anonymous

    yanks culd have won 3 ut of next 5 ws if they signed roy lackey. no way that will happen now with sheets or duschner

  6. Frank Russo


    I never adocated Joba/Pena for Halladay. I believed an offer to the Jays of Joba/Montero would have gotten it done. That being said, the Yankees need an innings eater in the backend of the rotation, and they still don’t have one.

  7. Andrew

    The Yankees can’t get everyone Frank. In the case of John Lackey, I’m sure the yankees did not want to make another long-term committment to a pitcher through the ages of 32-36 (Burnett is doing that already). With Halladay, I would hope that they did their due diligence on trying to acquire him. But, I suspect that the Toronto ownership did not want to trade within the division, notwithstanding GM Alex Anthouspolos’s (is that how you spell his name) comments on being willing to trade him within the division.

    I agree with you that the yankees should look at getting another starter, but I think they can roll the dice on guys like Sheets or Duscherer and see if one or both work out. Also, Frank I have a question for you, did your source mention anything about the yankees being interested in Aroldis Chapman? Thanks in advance.

  8. Frank Russo


    Yes, the Yanks do have interest in Aroldis Chapman, but I don’t know if that will happen, considering that Boston has already offered him a contract,and appears to be a little more Gung Ho for him than New York.

  9. Andrew

    Thanks for answering my question Frank.

  10. Lou

    The Yankees signed a pitcher at the Winter Meetings – probably the second best FA available. Andy Pettitte. Why do we ignore the fact the Yankees signed the 2nd best starter on the market? Is that not a pitching move? I submit that it is.

  11. Frank Russo


    Yes, agreed, resigning Pettitte was a great move….But…they still need to bring in a veteran starter to supplement the rotation. Even Jorge Posada said as much today on WFAN!

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