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Mets Fans the Apocalypse is Not Here

By Mike Silva ~ December 14th, 2009. Filed under: Mike Silva.

After Mets fans reaction on Twitter, Facebook, WFAN, and the blogosphere to the Phillies acquisition of Roy Halladay, I had to pull my car over because I was afraid the end of the world as we know it had arrived. Although I don’t agree that Halladay is worth “one win” as some stat geeks contend, he certainly doesn’t lock up the NL East on December 14th.

When I wrote about NL East Armageddon I was thinking of a Phillies starting trio that included Halladay, Lee, and Cole Hamels. That group would conceivably give them three #1 starters. Some would say “two and a half”, because of the inconsistencies of a Cole Hamels. Regardless, it would have been “hands down” the best rotation in the National League, maybe all of baseball.

After the Cliff Lee for Roy Halladay deal the real winners were the Seattle Mariners. They now have a lethal 1-2 punch and have to be the prohibitive favorites to win the weak AL West. The Yankees might actually have to contend with a team that could out pitch them in a short series.

The Phillies are improved, no doubt, with Halladay at the top of the rotation. He is arguably the best pitcher in baseball. For most of 2009 they lacked an ace and Lee filled that role nicely after coming over from Cleveland in July. A 93 win team very well could reach triple digits thanks to a pitcher that will give them high quality innings for the entire season. That is assuming that Raul Ibanez continues to defy age, Brad Lidge returns to form, and the Phils continue to get stellar contributions from the complementary spots on their roster. None are sure things in my opinion.

The bad news today is the Mets can’t compete with the Phillies for the NL East. The good news is they don’t have till until April. There are pieces they could acquire which will close the gap. Jason Bay is now an absolute necessity as the Mets don’t have the “Lackey Plan” to fall back on. All along I thought acquiring one of the big bats was the most realistic option. For all the issues that Bay or Holliday would bring with a long term deal, Lackey does as well. I am not sure signing Lackey for 5 years and $85 million is any less of a risk than Jason Bay for the same years and money. At least Bay can play another position if his fielding goes, but what do you do with a broken down pitcher? Something tells me Jason Bay at age 35 will still be productive while Lackey very well may not. More importantly,  Bay will help elevate the Mets offense to 2008 levels where they scored 799 runs – more than the Yankees that season for what it’s worth.

As for the pitching I would scour the non tender market for quality bullpen arms (i.e Matt Capps) and try to get the best “value” out of the Pineiro, Garland, and Marquis trio. Right now the Staten Island native Marquis looks pretty good since he will take the ball 35 times a year and give you 6 innings of 3 run ball. Remember, the Mets won in 2006 with their bats and bullpen and could do it again. That 06’ team didn’t even have a Johan Santana that, when healthy, is every bit the pitcher of Halladay’s caliber.

The Phillies threw down the gauntlet and let the league know they are going for a “dynasty”. A productive Halladay coupled with Rollins, Howard, and Utley guarantees the Phils will be a force for the next few years. Of course, that is all on paper and no trophies are given out for a team projecting to be good. You have to earn it on the field and the Phils, just like the Mets, have question marks. If the Mets counter with Jason Bay they have done pretty well in their own right. In other words, reports of their demise will be greatly exaggerated. So Mets fans relax, take a deep breath, and remember it’s only December 14th and everyone is tied for first place the last time I looked.

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4 Responses to Mets Fans the Apocalypse is Not Here

  1. royhobbs7

    Michael, Michael, Michael,

    The Mets are NOT getting Jason Bay. Get used to it. This is the new Wilpon strategy. How to disappoint fans to the utmost!!!!!

    Citifield will be a wasteland this summer. As Fatcessa said several years ago, “there will be so few fans by August, they’ll be taking target practice to try to hit the few who’ll sit in the bleachers”.

    However, maybe there is good news…………….. We can begin to rebuild the minor league system and wait until the FA class of 2010-11 which should be incredible…

  2. 86mets

    The Apocalypse IS here, and always will be as long as there is a Wilpon running the team. Now that Lackey has signed a bargain deal with the Red Sox, what does that leave the Mets? Oh, yeah, Joel Piniero and Jason Marquis. Now Minaya and Jeffy will go in to panic mode: Marquis-4 years, $44 million, Piniero-3 years $36 million. Yep, that ought to just about counter Halladay to Philly!! Oh, and let’s not forget about signing Jack Cust to play LF and bringing back Carlos (DH) Delgado to play 1B. That ought to make us the favorites to win the East in 2010, don’t you think?

  3. Angry Jays Fan

    The Phillies are a better team with Halladay as opposed to Lee, but the Mets won’t have to witness the 3 aces scenario that could have happened in Philadelphia. I think the Mets will be underestimated this year – last season was no reflection on the team. With Reyes, Beltran etc back and healthy, the Mets should challenge for the wildcard (with a few additions this off-season).

  4. kranepool

    The Phillies are not the Mets rival, the Washington Nationals are

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