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Non Tenders Of Interest

By Mike Silva ~ December 13th, 2009. Filed under: Offseason Speculation.

Now that teams have non tendered some of their players here are a bunch that should be of interest to the Mets, Yankees, or possibly both.

Garrett Atkins

Initially he has his warts as Atkins is a product of Coors Field, doesn’t have the best plate discipline, is a below average fielder,  and is coming off the worst season of his career. On the flip side he can play multiple positions (3B, 1B, LF) and has a career OPS against LHP of .870. I don’t believe he has value as an everyday player outside of Coors, but he certainly can be the righty portion of a platoon or bench player. He would be perfect for the Mets and a better version of Fernando Tatis.

Chien Ming Wang

The word on the street is that he will not be back with the Yankees. Some believe Joe Torre’s presence in Los Angeles gives them an advantage for Wang’s services. I always find that kind of talk overrated as money and opportunity usually trumps all. NYBD contributor Frank Russo was told that some in the Yankees organization believe Wang’s sinker will never be the same due to the shoulder problems. If that’s the case he isn’t a quality big league arm anymore. I don’t see him back with the Yankees, but if he would accept a minor league deal (unlikely) he makes a ton of sense. He would certainly be a great low risk/high reward candidate for the Mets. One other issue with Wang is the time frame of his return. There are doubts he will be able to contribute much in 2010, but that is all speculation at this point.

Kelly Johnson

Too bad Luis Castillo’s contract is unmovable or Johnson might be a great low cost option for the Mets. He defense is bad, but he has shown the ability to put up a line of 15/80/.300 which is outstanding for second base. He has played left field in his career and interestingly enough his defensive metrics aren’t bad at the position. The small sample size, coupled with my skepticism of the accuracy of UZR, make me take that with a grain of salt. It’s unlikely that Johnson and the Mets are a fit, thanks to Castillo, but if they wind up moving Luis then Johnson isn’t a bad option at all.

Ryan Church

Never going to play again for the Mets, and would have liked him for the Yankees, but they are already left handed heavy. Who would have thought the Francoeur/Church deal would have turned out so well for the Mets? Perhaps that will be the one positive we can take away from the miserable 2009 season.

Scott Olsen

He is young, left handed, and volatile. Add in the fact that he is recovering from a labrum surgery, and his trouble with the law, you have a perfect example of a low risk/high reward candidate. The perfect place for him would be in the Bronx where he could learn from some of the game’s best and earn himself a possible #5 spot in the rotation. His 2006 and 2008 seasons are better than what Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain have achieved in starting roles. I am not saying Olsen is better than either, but he has talent and showed the ability, when focused, to perform. Remember, the kid is only 25 years old and lefties tend to mature later in their career. Who knows, maybe he will finally realize the potential that eluded him in Florida and Washington.

Matt Capps

This would be the perfect addition to either team’s bullpen. The kid throws hard and has closing experience. He could give either K-Rod or Rivera a day off when they need it and be a great eighth inning bridge. I am sure the demand for his services will be high. He made 2.5 million last year and, with the going rate for relievers starting around $3 million, a one or two year deal with that AAV should get the job done. My only concern is why the bad 2009? Is it an injury or simply a bad season? Either way this is probably the best non tender out there on the market. Both local clubs should be involved.

Jack Cust

I am thinking more Yankees than Mets, as he could replace Eric Hinske in the Bronx. I see Cust more as a DH and perhaps we could fill that role well with the Yankees. A local guy that can get on base and hit for power. He is a stud against RHP with a career OPS of .864.

Ryan Garko

He is perfect for the Mets to use as the right handed platoon with Daniel Murphy. Unlike Atkins he doesn’t come with the Coors Field factor and, if Murphy flops, can adequately play every day. He is a star against RHP with a career .889 OPS. That remained true in 2009, even though he had a terrible half season in San Francisco. Defensively he is below average at first, but you do have Murphy for late inning defense on the days Garko plays.

Alfredo Amezaga

Is is your typical “around the world” platoon player. He doesn’t hit much, but won’t embarress you on any given day. I reading there were some rumblings of Yankees interest in him, but I don’t have specifics. Personally Ramiro Pena can do what Amezaga does-  and better. If the Alex Cora injury is serious then Amezaga could be an option for the Mets. Nothing to get excited about, but having someone on the roster that can play a ton of positions is always helpful.

Jonny Gomes

Gomes was on my list of interesting non tenders last season. He is coming off a solid season in Cincinnati where he hit 20 homers in just over 300 plate appearances. With all the left handed hitters on the Yankees have he could compete for an outfield spot with Cabrera, Gardner, and Hoffmann. Since there is already interest in Cabrera and Gardner, perhaps you can trade either for bullpen help and then sign Gomes as a replacement. He had an OPS over .900 against RHP, but is not a great fielder so there would be some tradeoff. I like the Yankees having a bat that could give them some pop off the bench. Who knows, he may be a fit for the Mets if they don’t sign Bay or Holliday. Gomes is no worse than some of the second tier names that have been thrown out this offseason.

Jose Arredondo

This would be a longer term signing since he is out for all of 2010 with Tommy John surgery. Arredondo is only 26 and you could sign him for two years with an eye on 2011. Both teams could always use young bullpen arms, but the Mets are more in need. His 2008 season where he had a 1.62 ERA and 2.50 BB/SO ratio is what you would be signing him for. Any young player the Mets could “steal” should be on their radar, even if they have to wait for him a bit.

Mark Worrell and Jackson Quezada

Both these kids were injured in 2009 and San Diego non tendered them with the thought of bringing them back. Their MILB periphials are pretty decent before the injuries. Worrell and Quezada averaged 12 and 11 strikeouts per nine innings in MILB respectively in 2008. Both of these kids should be of interest to the locals.

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5 Responses to Non Tenders Of Interest

  1. metsstem

    I think Mike Jacobs is the most important non-tender when it comes to the Mets. He plays a position of need. He has hit 35 homers in the NL already and even in an off year last year, he hit 19 while platooning with Billy Butler and DHing. He can handle NY. Projects well in Citi with his powerful swing. 2-3 years $6-9 MM, he will be a useful contributor for years in a big ballpark. He is only 28 and might be able to really turn it up a notch and could be the steal of the non-tender class.

  2. Mike Silva

    If Murphy weren’t around I would consider him an option. You know a place he would be better? Yankee Stadium.

  3. Joey

    You like UZR, but not WAR. Do I have that right?

  4. R U Kidding

    Late inning defensive replacement…Murphy?

  5. Mike Silva

    He isn’t terrible at 1st RUK – where are you going to find a defensive firstbaseman that can hit (Adrian Gonzalez is not realistic).

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